Move Capitalizes on the Cachet of Being Industry Creators


Woodstock, IL — Meadow Hill Corporation, founded in 1997, today is changing the name it conducts business as to Thumbies® after the iconic line of fingerprint keepsake jewelry it pioneered two decades ago.


A Decision 20 Years in the Making
“Ever since we first introduced Thumbies® keepsakes to the funeral services industry,” commented CEO Diana Braun, “our partners and the public have taken to referring to the business by that name. While we were always consistent in how we referred to ourselves, there’s something to be said for embracing a trend that is two decades running.”


Focusing on What Matters
Although the name has changed, the firm remains steadfast in its mission; to design and produce the finest custom memorial keepsake jewelry, handcrafted by artisans in the heartland of the United States.


“As our 20th year of working in the bereavement industry was approaching we undertook an internal deep dive to re-focus on what matters most; our Partners, the families they serve, and the quality of our work. This rebrand is a direct result of that exercise. It has also yielded several new products and operational improvements with more to come,” Ms. Braun added.


New Experiences
The name and logo aren’t the only new things people will be experiencing. In the coming weeks Thumbies® will be rolling out:

  • new packaging
  • a completely redesigned website featuring a true ecommerce user experience with enhanced partner features, and
  • updated marketing materials

All of which culminates with the launch of even more new product designs at this year’s NFDA Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, October 14-17.


Same Commitment
“With all of the exciting changes taking place it’s important to remember what’s staying the same; our people,” said Ms. Braun. “Everyone at Thumbies®, from our front office to our exceptional Customer Service staff on through our amazing artisans, remains committed to producing the finest keepsakes and providing the best customer experience available.”

Thumbies® memorial keepsake jewelry is made from the finger, hand, foot, and other prints of the recently deceased people, and pets, we cherish. 2018 ­­marks 20 years since Thumbies® were introduced to funeral professionals by way of our Thumbies®, Buddies Pet Keepsakes™, and Phoenix Collection® product lines. The emotional connections forged by these remarkable heirloom-quality pieces offer a measure of comfort to those who grieve. Each keepsake is hand crafted by skilled artisans in the heartland of the United States. Available in a range of precious metals and designs, there is something to satisfy every taste and budget. To learn more about Thumbies® visit