Located in Houston, Texas, Pryority Funeral Experience has been serving families and exceeding their expectations since 2015. Owned by funeral directors Chuck and Almika Pryor, this family owned business has roots that run deep in the industry with over 35 years of experience.

“If you have ever seen the movie My Girl, that’s Almika. This business is where she grew up, its ingrained in her, and it’s who she is,” begins Chuck Pryor. “Her roots began in this industry alongside her parents and her experience is a big part of our success. When I was in high school, I began working at a funeral home with my older brother and I was able to help people when they needed it most. The work I did with my brother really resonated with me and I knew this industry was where I was meant to be,” he continues.

The funeral industry has always been a big part of Almika’s life. It is where she grew up and it’s a big part of who she is. Growing up in a family that was in the funeral business has made her a natural at taking care of families and their loved ones.

“I always knew that at some point, I would officially join the family business. After Chuck and I got married, we decided to fulfill our dream and start our own funeral home,” recalls Almika Pryor.

Pryority Funeral Experience gives families peace of mind knowing that not a single detail will be missed. Chuck and Almika love what they do, and they cannot imagine doing anything else. They work hard to get to know each family in order to create meaningful life celebrations. They have a compassionate and knowledgeable team that works perfectly alongside them in order to help families get through difficult times.

“We make it an experience. When families walk into our space, right away they feel comfortable and at home. We worked hard to create a space that is truly inviting and feels like home,” describes Chuck. “When we serve a family, we want to have exceeded their expectations and provide a loving tribute that they remember for years to come. Our goal is to become the go to family funeral director for each family we serve, every single time. Our goal is to provide such a high level of service, that our families can’t imagine using anyone else for their future needs,” he adds.

“It was always a dream of mine to own my own funeral business and we knew together we could make it happen. Our funeral business is definitely unconventional. We aim to push the boundaries of what a funeral home is expected to be and for that reason we don’t even refer to ourselves as a funeral home but are instead known as the Pryority Funeral Experience,” explains Almika.

The Pryority slogan is Your Family is Our Family – which is something Chuck and Almika genuinely believe in. They treat each and every person that walks through their doors like family throughout the entire process and after. Chuck and Almika value the connections and relationships they form with their families very deeply and take aftercare very seriously. Additionally, many of the staff members at Pryority Funeral Experience are couples or related in some way, so the family atmosphere is sprinkled throughout the business.

“Our families know we care. In order to help us stay in touch with our families in the most consistent way possible, we use Aftercare.com. It is so incredibly easy to set up, the cost is very fair, and as a funeral home you do not have to do anything. Aftercare.com gives us peace of mind and takes a little off our plate on the aftercare side of things so we can focus on the service we provide. I cannot recommend them enough,” Chuck states.

The Texas funeral business thrives on making connections and helping families. Their success lies in their passion for the work they do. This is more than a career for the Texas duo, it is an undeniable calling.

“Working with the families is the best part of this business for us. We love to form lasting relationships with those in our community and help them celebrate their loved ones with unique and dignified services,” elaborates Chuck.

For both Chuck and Almika, they know they are exactly where they are meant to be and that is serving their community and helping families find peace.

“I have always loved makeup. It has been a passion of mine for years. One of the most rewarding things about working in this industry is when a family comes up to me after a service to thank me for making their loved ones look so beautiful and at peace. It gives me such joy to be able to help families find peace in any way I can after a loss,” Almika says humbly.

The passion that Chuck and Almika have for the families they serve is nearly palpable. Their deep roots in the industry and decades of experience make them an unstoppable force. Their dedicated and knowledgeable team, attention to detail, and years of experience make them a top choice for the families in the Houston area. Their kind hearts and warm care make families feel a little lighter in heavy times, and for that reason they will surely be successful for years to come. FBA