After three months of coronavirus sheltering in place, what movies haven’t already been watched? Introducing the Coronavirus Cinema Collection, film recommendations for hunkering down at home. Curated and hosted by Gail Rubin, Certified Thanatologist and the Doyenne of Death®, these films bring a light touch to the dark topic of death and teach about funeral planning.

“These Coronavirus Cinema film recommendations all have funerals or death as part of the story. Ironically, the pain of loss provides ample opportunities for comedy and humor,” said Rubin. “These films give us insights into funeral traditions and planning ahead that maybe you haven’t thought about but should.”

The movies and TV shows in the Coronavirus Cinema Collection are entertaining and indirectly educational. To date, videos have focused on Funny Funeral Films, funeral and death-related movies that are “Based on a True Story,” The Viking Funeral on Film, Jewish Funeral Traditions on Film, and Funeral Directors on Film.

Future Coronavirus Cinema Collection videos will focus on films featuring medical care and end-of-life treatment, visions of the afterlife, and philosophical musings on mortality. Additional videos will post to Gail Rubin’s YouTube channel in the coming weeks. Subscribe to the channel by searching for @Gail Rubin on YouTube and be the first to know about new videos!

Certified Thanatologist Gail Rubin is a pioneering death educator available to do virtual and in-person presentations illustrated with comedic and dramatic video clips. Her presentations qualify for continuing education credits for medical professionals, hospice and social workers, attorneys, financial planners, funeral directors and other professionals who need CEUs. She has a license from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation to use films and TV shows in her speaking engagements. Visit this web page to download a list of talks:

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