Who is LoveUrns® and what product and services do they provide?

LoveUrns® specializes in hand-crafted high quality cremation urns and memorial products. A leader in the industry, LoveUrns® is proud to offer an unparalleled selection of cremation urns and cremation jewelry. Our products are beautiful, made with lot of love and care. LoveUrrns® are distributed through major distributors in the funeral industry world-wide who demand the highest quality. Our commitment is timely delivery of quality merchandise.

How did LoveUrns® get involved in the funeral industry?

We were working with top designers and retail chains in the accent furniture and home decor business as a manufacturer. That’s when we chanced upon this business back in 2007.

What makes LoveUrns® unique?

Our USP is that we have High Quality Cremation Urns & Memorial products at affordable prices.

We offer an unparalleled selection of cremation urns and cremation jewelry. Our choices are beautiful, made with care, popular with today’s families, and, whenever possible, often options for personalization.

Last but not the least, we have a friendly, caring customer service team that is available 24×7 for the customers.

What are the benefits to funeral homes working with LoveUrns® and using their products?

Funeral Directors find it is easier to sell LoveUrns® because we have good quality urns in a vast range of themes, colors and sizes.They love selling our products because of higher profit margins they get on selling LoveUrns®.

Funeral Directors further increase their revenue by cross selling LoveUrns® products. When a family chooses an urn, it becomes easier to cross sell matching/related products to them and LoveUrns® carries a lot of matching-complementing products from Heart Keepsakes to Tealight Urns to Cremation Jewelry.

It offers Funeral Directors an easy opportunity to cross-sell and increase revenue while offering families a wider range of choices at the same time.

How does LoveUrns® provide a solution for funeral homes?

Our team has a shared commitment to being as helpful as possible. To us, being helpful means: an easy to use website, urns that we would recommend to our family members and friends, lots of images and information about every product, quick tips and guides.

We have attractive and effective marketing materials which Funeral Homes love!

We have a theme based line of products. We have everything from birds & butterflies to flowers & leaves to ocean & water to hearts, tear-drops, classics and patriotic themes in various colors, textures and finishes which gives a complete range to funeral homes to offer to their families.

How would a funeral home contact LoveUrns® for more information?

Funeral Homes can contact us by
email: [email protected],
fax: 888-912-7860,
or phone: 888-910-7860.

Or, alternatively, they can their local distributor for supplies of LoveUrns®. Most of all the Funeral Supply distributors and suppliers carry our products.

We sell LoveUrns® only through the existing distribution channels. We do greatly encourage queries from funeral homes and crematoriums, and happily provide catalogs with complete sales support, but all our sales go through distributors only. FBA