LifeStory Book Founders to Attend NFDA International Convention & Exposition

View the customizable book and innovative technology in exclusive expo demonstration

BETHEL PARK – LifeStory Book will be featured at the 2017 National Funeral Directors Association Convention & Expo in Boston, Massachusetts from October 29 -November 1. Cofounders Paul Henney Jr. and Ed Latkovic will showcase their cutting-edge product at booth #2023 by demonstrating its easy-to-use technology. After users answer a series of in-depth questions, the software automatically writes the LifeStory of a loved one, preserving it for years to come. The end product created by the program is a hardbound book that becomes a beautiful family heirloom passed from generation to generation by enabling future children to intimately get to know their ancestors.


The innovation behind the product truly stands out by adapting to make each LifeStory unique, while accurately capturing the essence of the book’s honoree. Booth visitors will view the automation’s ability to extract key details about the honoree in order to create the framework for a custom biography. Loved ones can invite friends and family to contribute information, edit any and all of the narrative, create a picture book, and/or craft a captioned video to tailor LifeStory Book to their own specific needs.


With the continued declining revenues in the death care industry, LifeStory Book will enhance profits. The product adds value for funeral directors with the ability to automatically compose obituaries, create LifeStory summaries for visitations and services, generate video slideshows, and develop custom prayer cards.  Henney and Latkovic often observe how a family’s use of LifeStory Book creates an additional revenue stream by leading to added services like a visitation or gathering. As families request traditional services less frequently, LifeStory Book becomes an avenue to aid those who choose direct disposition in memorializing and commemorating the lost life. The product also offers a supplementary benefit for Continental Computer customers by offering a single point-of-entry through the Smart Director program.


Henney elaborates on how the product eases difficult times, stating, “With LifeStory Book, memories remain long after loved ones have gone.  By using this tool that allows the family members to describe precious family history, and then cements their responses into a hard-bound keepsake book, we’ve added a personal touch.”


With 35 years of experience owning and operating five funeral home locations in the Pittsburgh area, Henney and Latkovic serve 500+ families per year. While helping family and friends grieve the loss of a loved one, they have seen firsthand the desire of families to unite, recall memories, and story tell. Recognizing that need, LifeStoryBook was created. LifeStory Book understands the most difficult part of telling anyone’s story is getting started, thus a program was derived that does the work for you.

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