North Wales, PA- Life Celebration, Inc Introduces a Cutting-edge Line of Shaped and Enhanced Products called the Shape-It Series with the investment and installation of a LasX Laser Cutter.

Life Celebration, Inc has launched a new line of products adding to their customized catalog of offerings. Starting last month, Life Celebration Community Members began providing their client families with the profession’s only laser cut memorial items that are completely customized and delivered overnight. The new line includes pop-up memorial folders and thank you cards, shaped bookmarks and coasters, large and shaped flip cards among many other enhanced products. The Shape-it Series is the latest innovative offering from Life Celebration, Inc.


Life Celebration began looking into the laser equipment over three years ago. The Life Celebration Team traveled to LasX technologies, based out of St. Paul Minnesota, to test out the equipment. They ensured that it was only and exactly what they needed to be able to produce mass-customized laser cut items overnight for funeral homes all over the country. After years of research, testing, and analysis, Life Celebration felt that 2019 was the year to bring this equipment to the funeral profession.


Life Celebration president Gerry Givnish shared his vision for the series: “From the start, we have been focused on the future and supplying our Community Members with the most dynamic offerings within the funeral profession. The Shape-It Series gives our Members yet another edge in their competitive marketplaces. It also elevates our position as thought-leaders and visionaries in custom print innovation, nothing like you’ve seen before, you simply can’t get this anywhere else. Families walk into funeral homes in some of the most rural area’s in the country expecting another ‘same-old funeral’ and instead they experience a time capsule of memories of their loved one full of engaging takeaways that are branded to the local Life Celebration Home.”


LasX Application Engineer, Dr. Garrett Potter spoke about the equipment: “LasX offers some of the highest speed, power, and precision equipment in the laser processing industry. Our systems bring solutions to a wide variety of industries and materials, from textiles to aerospace. LasX is excited to partner with Life Celebration to help bring truly unique and important funeral products into the market. While LasX has established expertise in the digital print market, the Funeral industry is new to us. We love Life Celebration’s moto ‘Creating Color and Light in Times of Darkness’. In the laser industry, we understand the power of light, and we’re always inspired by our customers’ drive to create more. Powered by our customers’ creativity, LasX systems are here to help build exceptional products that brighten our customers’ experience.”


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Life Celebration, Inc. is a multi-faceted design, print, and consulting company based out of North Wales, PA. Driven by a passion to tell stories, share memories, and create experiences, Life Celebration, Inc. was founded by licensed funeral directors, Gerry Givnish and Jim Cummings. Over 150 funeral homes rely on the robust resources Life Celebration, Inc. provides, including customized printed memorial items, training and consulting services, website design, and promotional and marketing materials. For more information, call 888-887-3782, visit