What is LendingUSA and what product and/or service do they provide?

LendingUSA is on a mission to redefine how families pay for funerals. We are the leading provider of at-need financing, giving every family the flexibility and convenience of a monthly payment to pay for their loved one’s funeral. Families can apply from anywhere and receive a preapproval decision in just a few seconds. Loans range from $1,000 to $35,000, so families can choose the services they truly want for their loved one.

How did LendingUSA get involved in the funeral industry?

A few years ago, we noticed that there wasn’t a widely available financing option in the funeral industry and decided to develop a solution. We worked with funeral professionals and organizations like the NFDA to create a financing option that would work for funeral homes and the families they served. We also hired several death care professionals to help us better understand the challenges funeral homes face and the best way we could help them overcome them.

What makes LendingUSA unique?

We’re a payment option for families at their most critical time of need. We’re also the only at-need financing company that’s been endorsed by the National Funeral Directors Association, and the largest provider in the industry. We’re dedicated to making sure that every funeral who enrolls succeeds with us. Our Relationship Managers all have at least ten years of direct experience in death care and understand the ins and outs of running a funeral home. They’re there to help and provide support to the funeral home in any way they can.

What are the benefits to funeral homes of using LendingUSA?

We give every family the option to easily finance their loved one’s funeral. It’s easy to use and provides a pre-approval decision in just a few seconds, and all approved loans are valid only at the funeral home where the family member applied. So, unlike a preneed plan or life insurance plan, there’s no “shopping around” that can lead to a funeral home being undercut on price.

How does LendingUSA provide a solution for funeral homes?

Previously, funeral homes did not have monthly payments for families who wanted the option. Some funeral homes tried to offer in-house plans, but this put the home at financial risk and could lead to the uncomfortable experience of having to send the plan to collections. With LendingUSA, we assume the risk and pay the funeral home up front and directly, with no merchant fees on prime loans.

How would a funeral home contact LendingUSA for more information on your products?

Funeral professionals can get a free demo of our services by visiting www.lendingusa.com/nfda2018 and clicking “Get Started.” Or, they can call (866) 322-6196 to speak with a representative.