L & G Funeral Supplies Unveils Naturelle Casket at the NFDA Expo in Boston

As cremation becomes the choice for many families, L & G Funeral supplies developed an environmentally friendly casket that shows well, and leaves families feeling better about the impact their loved one leaves behind, on the environment.

The Naturelle casket is made using poplar wood, a sustainable option instead of maple or traditional oak. The casket is then put through a secondary kiln-drying process, with low temperatures, over a long long period to stain the wood. The exact process is being kept under wraps because L & G Funeral Supplies is the only casket supplier with an alternative to Green or Natural caskets that doesn’t come with a huge premium; for those families who want to do right by the environment and their pocket book.

Rather than using traditional lacquers or stains, which carry a large footprint on the environment, this natural staining process, is a cleaner option for families who want to be conscious of the environment. Funeral Directors will love it because the Natural option will not eat away at their profits because the families can use this casket and still be on budget to have a full-service funeral, rather than straight to cremation options.

The Naturelle casket is available in the US and coming to Canada soon.

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