Scottsdale, AZ – Johnson Consulting Group (JCG) is excited to announce open registration for JCG Academy’s Customer Experience Workshop. The workshop focuses on working with businesses to create their customer service revolution.

JCG’s Business Consulting Team has designed a course that is aimed to create customer experiences that are personalized for each family that walks through your doors, unique to your business. The workshop will target the significance of customer service and discuss strategies to improve customer loyalty by creating peak moments that will leave families with a lasting impression.

The full process is 90 days of JCG’s Business Consultants walking you through the customer experience revolution. The first step in the process includes reading The Customer Experience Revolution by John R. DiJulius III followed by a meeting with the firm’s owners to strategize and introduce the process. Following this meeting, the owners will select members of their team to drive this effort and participate in the two-day workshop. JCG also assists these firms with rolling out their customer experience revolution to their entire company and staff towards the end of the workshop in the form of an official launch.

With five completed Customer Experience Workshops in 2019, JCG will continue to partner with funeral home and cemetery businesses to build a sense of comradery, elevated company culture and better customer experiences among staff and families. Leading the front of the Customer Experience Workshop is Lawrence W. Michael.

Lawrence W. Michael, Senior Business Consultant at JCG, has played a key role in delivering these Customer Experience Revolution programs to clients throughout North America. Lawrence, along with the rest of the JCG team are excited about the feedback they have received.

“We have a passion for customer service and this is an opportunity for premier clients to challenge their teams to continuously improve in all stages of interaction with their customers, Lawrence, one of our clients, a very large cemetery company in Los Angeles has already seen marked improvement of 15.4% in their customer loyalty score (Net Promoter Score) after only six months of implementing the program.”

Another benefit of the program is improved company culture, teamwork and communication among staff members internally. Betsey Morrow, Funeral Assistant and STAR Program Coordinator of Hansen Mortuary and Cemetery explains how JCG’s Customer Experience Workshop has been beneficial for the Hansen team as well as the families they serve.

“It really has created an excitement to create peak moments instead of only focusing on putting out fires. It has increased morale within the company as well as an appreciation and understanding for what every member of our team does to serve our families. I think we are understanding as a whole what it takes to go above and beyond and how we can better work within our company, which in turn only benefits the families experience when they walk through our doors,” says Morrow.

JCG’s Business Consulting Team is excited for the continued success of the Customer Experience Workshop in 2020. To reserve your spot in the program, contact us at  [email protected] or call 480-556-8500.