In 2018, the average One Source Prime customer netted caskets at prices lower than any known competing casket supply. The savings are staggering. For those of you who are already purchasing through One Source Prime you know what I mean. And for those who don’t know about One Source Prime or have yet to place an order with it, this article will serve to both introduce and explain it to you.

One Source Prime is a bulk pricing model designed to reduce product costs to any customer who can purchase one-half or a full semi-trailer load of One Source Prime supplier participant products that are delivered directly from the One Source Prime warehouse in Richmond, Indiana to one funeral professional customer location. One Source Prime prices are very low making rebate and discount gimmicks unnecessary in order for customers to get the best possible pricing. One Source Prime sells only to funeral homes, traditional casket distributors, cremation supply companies, crematories, cremation societies, cooperative buying groups, and funeral home consolidators. It does not sell retail. It does not require purchases only from One Source Prime. And there are no upfront or continuing membership fees.

Although funeral directors may want to believe that the funeral industry is immune to outside market forces, facts argue against this. Industries are changing daily in front of our eyes putting constant pressure to think differently. Imagine for instance still using CDs and DVDs rather than downloaded music and movies. One Source Prime makes it easy for its customers to buy caskets differently and save big.

One Source Prime can show a customer how to transition to a lower cost business model similar to how the home appliance industry changed. Today, local independent home appliance stores purchase standard inventory in bulk, warehouse products and serve customers. By purchasing a standard core product line in volume, they are able to save huge amounts of money, while still offering customers a full line of competitive products. And for some few customers where premium brands are of vital importance, these competitive home appliance stores order and deliver premium branded products to customers one at a time at higher than standard profit margins. The same is being done with caskets through One Source Prime.

Although many funeral professionals still depend on picking up the phone and ordering a casket and expecting next day delivery, they do this at tremendous extra cost. For those funeral professionals who continue to depend on next day delivery, their costs will continue to go up even while those who model themselves on the modern appliance store will see costs go down. It is no secret that casket manufacturers have historically created two price points for their products: one price for the average funeral home, where the casket company provides some sort of discount usually based on annual purchases, and another price to casket distributors and funeral home consolidators (with the second price point being significantly cheaper). Ultimately, One Source Prime offers the average funeral home the opportunity to purchase through one call, a full or half semi-trailer quantity delivered to one location, and at the lowest possible net pricing. Example: One Source Prime recently had a customer purchase half a truck load of 40 hardwood caskets. The average savings were around $800 per casket, and the ultimate savings were over $32,000 on one order compared to what it would have cost from the prior ”Big Box Company” supplier – a significant savings even after netting the promised end of the year ‘rebate’.

And all One Source Prime products are USA made whereas many other Big Box and foreign named lower costing caskets come from Mexico, China and elsewhere. And with respected organizations such as CANA arguing that cremation is headed in excess of 70% over the coming few years, One Source Prime customers can order products from six leading metal and hardwood burial and cremation casket and container suppliers all of whom are making continuous manufacturing improvements planning to be around for a long time. And best of all, One Source Prime lead times are typically 2-3 weeks, In contrast to long lead times from any foreign shipping points.

For those of you who are already using One Source Prime, you may also be combining shipments with other funeral professionals nearby or earning extra savings by doing your own box truck pickup and transportation. You will also recall the One Source Prime catalog with its answers to many frequently asked questions and it’s easy to use online ordering system (all available online at

And you will also already know how easy it is to save a great deal of money with top quality USA made products. And perhaps you already know the quote from one of our favorite books Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne: “The cost side of a company’s business model ensures that it creates a leap in value for itself in the form of profit…” It’s not so much about which caskets you buy, but about how you buy them. One Source Prime will dramatically reduce your costs. FBA

Arie K. Elder | Arie is the Director for One Source Prime and can be reached at 833.871.4677 extension 217 or [email protected]

Transporter Woodgrain
$64.00 through One Source Prime

Meadow Solid Wood
$359.00 through One Source Prime

Washington Cherry
$1221.00 through One Source Prime