Who is Investors Heritage and what products and services do you provide?

We are a life insurance company based in Frankfort, Kentucky. We’ve been in business since 1960 and have been working with the funeral industry since the 1970’s. We provide robust preneed and final expense products and additional services to help funeral homes better serve their clients.

We were founded by Harry Lee Waterfield, former Kentucky Lieutenant Governor, who believed strong personal values and principles were important to both family and business. Our current CEO, Rob Hardy, is the third generation of the Waterfield family to lead the company. We believe this family-oriented focus makes us an ideal partner in the funeral industry.

Our founder, Harry Lee “Governor” Waterfield.

How did Investors Heritage get involved in the funeral industry?

In the early 1970’s we started working with North Carolina funeral homes in the final expense market. Many of those funeral homes also managed Burial Associations. We worked with the funeral homes to assume numerous Burial Associations when the state directed that they be administered by insurance companies. Because of our close relationship with those funeral homes, we came early to the preneed market, developing our first preneed product in 1988. We are still partnering with many of those funeral homes that led us to the market.

What makes Investors Heritage unique?

Our focus on building relationships and superior service is what makes us different. We’re proud to say that honoring commitments, loyalty, problem-solving, and personable service are still strong, vibrant, and essential pieces to our culture. Some might call that old-fashioned, but we believe they’re essential to our relationship with our clients. Although our service may be old-fashioned, we’ve always been forward thinking and quick to adopt new technologies to help us serve our clients more efficiently.

How does Investors Heritage Legacy Gold provide a solution for funeral homes?

The nuts and bolts of most preneed products are pretty similar from company to company, with slight variations. Our advantage is our understanding of funeral directors’ and their needs, which is why we put so much effort into making a quality preneed product that is both easy to use and able to cover all of their clients. Legacy Gold is a 5-in-1 solution that features one application that covers clients from 0-110 years regardless of their medical history or financial situation. A unique feature of our Legacy Gold package is our commissionable Monthly Increasing Benefit (MIB) product. The MIB gives our funeral home partners an affordable option for their pre-arranged, but un-funded clients.

Harry Lee Waterfield II, led the company from 1989 – 2019.

What are the benefits to funeral homes to work with Investors Heritage?

Our top priority is service and that comes in many forms. We understand that for most funeral homes, selling preneed is not their top priority, so we do all we can to make it easy. Our Regional Managers are dedicated and knowledgeable. Their job is to take care of you like family. We know it’s important to funeral homes to receive payment quickly, and we typically pay claims the same day the paperwork is received. We’ve even given them a head start on the paperwork by providing a partially completed claim form with each policy issued. Although personal service is our goal, we know the funeral business is 24/7 so we have an agent portal that provides death benefits and other information around the clock. Our Marketing program provides funeral homes with vibrant advertising to build their brand and increase their sales. And our favorite – our Sales Leader Convention. We have the most attainable convention in the industry. We feel it is the best way for us to build relationships with our funeral home partners. FBA