Wichita, KS – ObituaryShare.com is a brand-new, innovative solution for publishing, distributing, and promoting obituaries. Because of the high cost of newspaper obituaries and sharply declining readership of newspapers, ObituaryShare.com was conceived to provide lower cost, more effective distribution of obituaries through multiple social media platforms.


We realize that sharing an obituary is one of the most important parts of memorializing a loved one, as well as notifying friends and family of a death. Families want to share their loved one’s obituary and more than 80% of adults in the U.S. are on social media. ObituaryShare.com uses the most effective marketing strategies and more advanced persona targeting to actively promote and deliver obituaries to the “right” audience – more people who are more likely to know the deceased and their family. Your families pay a reasonable, low-cost, one-time fee, and will never be charged to access an obituary or subscribe to anything. We believe many families will choose to use ObituaryShare.com if given the opportunity.


Our mission is to provide families with a better, more affordable alternative to newspapers while providing funeral homes with numerous business benefits including *improved SEO, *increased ROI, *decreased advertising costs, and *opportunities for additional revenue.


Today, the first impression of your business begins online. ObituaryShare.com’s promotion of your obituaries creates an extremely effective way of marketing your business online without costing the funeral home anything. Additionally, if your business does not have Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ pages, we will build them at no charge.


We make it easy to upload an obituary and since we do not limit the length, there is no hassle with the family to edit, nor is there a print deadline. By reducing the cost of the obituary, the funeral home may use that savings to offer other goods or services. Using ObituaryShare.com also creates a new revenue opportunity by giving you a portion of the cost of every obituary placed.


Unlike newspapers and other services, ObituaryShare.com was designed to provide positive and measurable benefits to funeral homes. ObituaryShare.com does not sell flowers, caskets, pre-planning, etc. We direct all comments, condolences, and guest book signing to the funeral director’s website or social media pages so that the funeral home gets all of the traffic and benefits. We promote your funeral home in multiple ways on each obituary which creates numerous branding and advertising impressions and dramatically increases your traffic and visibility.


Let us show you how ObituaryShare.com can help your business. Contact us: [email protected]  (877)385-6248.