International Mermorialization Supply Association Updates Strategic Plan and Vision

MILWAUKEE, WI – The International Memorialization Supply Association (IMSA) recently updated its charter and established new objectives during a strategic planning meeting of the Board of Directors.  IMSA is an organization comprised of over one hundred suppliers of funeral products and services that support funeral professionals who work daily to help families memorialize loved ones.

A core objective of IMSA and its membership has always been to improve the quality of material and service to the industry.  This was further affirmed and clarified in the first revised goal to promote the success of its members “by supporting best standards and practices in the deathcare industry through open communication and information sharing.”  IMSA plans to strengthen its cooperative efforts with other industry associations to provide expertise and help connect its members to the many resources that are available.

“While each organization provides specialized focus and strengths, we feel that the ultimate strength lies in the collective knowledge of the industry,” said Jeff Hodes, president of IMSA. “We want to work on ways to harness this collective expertise for our members and the industry overall.”

Both the second and third objectives established by the board delineate IMSA’s intentions:

  • To expand the dissemination of innovative information throughout the industry
  • To advocate cooperation amongst various associations serving the industry

Numerous avenues towards achieving IMSA’s new objectives were discussed at length during the strategic planning session and will be shared with its members at the Annual Membership Meeting in Nashville, TN during the ICCFA convention.

“We are truly excited about the redefined goals of IMSA as we feel bring more benefits for members,” Hodes added. “I encourage members to contact me or any board member with any ideas or input.”

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