When Chosen Payments launched in 2008, founder and CEO, Jeff Brodsly had a vision to build a credit card processing company that was unique and hold relationships with clients that were much different than anything he had experienced before. While working for other processors, Brodsly saw a void between merchants and their credit card processors. “There were no true relationships”, says Brodsly. Merchants think of their credit card processor as a utility rather than a business partner. Likewise, most processors treat their merchants as a merchant ID number. Brodsly wanted to create a two-way partnership model and quickly coined the company’s slogan, Your Partner in Success. That partnership concept led Chosen Payments to create mutually beneficial relationships with many state funeral associations, ICCFA members, NFDA members and Funeral Business Advisor Magazine. The vision included bringing deep discounts to the industry as well as providing valuable education to the industry. Working in partnership with Chosen Payments, association members receive an exclusive pricing benefit and access to a team of industry trained professionals to help every step of the way- increasing profits, adding security and improving efficiencies.

In order to complete the vision, Brodsly knew that Chosen Payments could not be all things to all people. Instead, he chose a handful of niche markets to serve so that he could learn an industry inside and out, speak the lingo, understand the pain-points and improve how business is transacted in the specialized space. By focusing on the funeral industry as one of those vertical markets, Brodsly was able to develop a dedicated team of professionals that truly understands how the industry operates, the sensitivity of death as well as recognizing industry trends as they begin to develop. One such trend was arranging services at a family’s home instead of in the funeral home. To address that issue, Chosen Payments created a mobile app that allows directors and planners to accept credit cards in the field using their smartphone. The app allows users to check for batch deposits, chargebacks, refunds processed or just about any other credit card processing concern. Holding true to its industry dedication, Chosen Payments began offering the app to funeral directors for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chosen staff assisting Robert Perez with contactless payments. Doing business with an industry expert has its perks.

Additionally, Chosen Payments began rebating some of the fees associated with accepting credit cards for services to help ease the financial burden that some in the industry are currently facing due to the pandemic. Chosen Payments has always held a goal of protecting their merchants in good times and bad. Jeff expresses, “If we have to rebate some of our profit back to our funeral homes during this uncertain time, that’s what we will do to be a good business partner”.

Brodsly’s vision of a partnership extends well beyond providing fee rebates, sponsorships and revenue sharing. Members of the Chosen Payments funeral industry team participate in FDA board meetings and serve on committees such as the California Funeral Directors Association’s convention, PR and legislative committees in the past. They help organize fundraisers and take active roles with associations whom they partner with. They provide educational sessions during association meetings that teach funeral professionals how to reduce the costs associated with accepting a credit card for funeral arrangements. They also share information about reading your monthly statement and which fees are negotiable with a processor. In a sample analysis at one educational session, a funeral home found they had paid nearly $2000 in credit card fees for a case when they could have paid $1100 if they had the information shared during a training session. This education quickly grew popular in the industry as Chosen being the trusted source for credit card processing.

Chosen Payments was quick to react to the COVID-19 pandemic and began offering special pricing and rebates for funeral homes who found themselves financially fragile. “We understand that we are in a very trying time during this pandemic and we want you to know that we are all in this together,” states Brodsly. This isn’t the first time that Chosen Payments has stepped up during a crisis. When Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, Jeff quickly organized a fundraiser to help merchants who had been impacted by the storm. Noe Lopez II, owner of Saxton Funeral Home in Corpus Christi, a client of Chosen Payments was very grateful to be a recipient of Brodsly’s efforts. The funeral home had their roof ripped off during the storm and Chosen Payments sent a check to provide some relief. Jeff’s philosophy has always been, “We are all in this together”. Brodsly feels the importance of that even more now that we are in an unprecedented national emergency. “We need each other more than any time before. Let’s try to help each other and stand together united”. Other processors don’t offer this ‘family touch’ but Chosen prides itself on such.

Chosen staff in their empty office during COVID-19.

It is extraordinary efforts like these that endear clients like Robert Perez, a funeral director in Ventura County, California. Perez owns a total of five funeral homes between Perez Family Funeral Home and Devine Funeral and Cremation. “Chosen Payments has redefined the standards of what a credit card processor should look like by consistently going above to support the funeral care industry through good times and bad”, says Perez. The expense of accepting credit cards is one that is often overlooked according to Perez who says most directors just don’t have the time to review the expense. “Once we sat down and reviewed the rates we were paying, we realized we were getting gouged. As of day one with Chosen Payments I have been so pleased saving money and it is super easy for families to pay” says Perez who went on to say, “People were trying to charge me $300 a month, and with Chosen its free, for accepting credit cards outside the funeral home”. Perez elaborated how easy Chosen Payments makes it to handle the arrangement agreement and payment all online and that service has been extremely valuable during the pandemic. He added that he gets paid much faster through Chosen Payments. Perez states “I see them (Chosen Payments) as family that is supporting my industry. They are family for life”! -Ironically Perez and Brodsly grew up in the same small town of Moorpark, Ca and through the funeral industry they reconnected 20+ years later and quickly determined they can do business together. Supporting a company that is mutually invested in the industry is a belief both firms’ practice, thus taking advantage of Chosen’s great offers was a no brainer for Perez.

When Chosen Payments entered the funeral care industry in 2015 it was a tough road as funeral homes tend to be passed from one generation to another and change is hard to invoke. However, during the past year at least 75 percent of new funeral industry clients arrived at Chosen Payments after being referred by a colleague. “That speaks volumes about the trust we have gained in the industry”, says Brodsly. “Our goal is to help our clients grow in ways they did not know they could, while also giving the old school personal touch of service the business world lacks today’ says Brodsly.

Chosen Payments corporate office is based in Moorpark, Calif., and maintains regional offices in Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Phoenix along with satellite offices in Nashville, Santa Ana and Grand Rapids. Any business involved in the funeral care industry has a massive advantage when doing business with Chosen Payments. The guarantee to save you money, COVID relief program, security and technology offerings, chargeback assistance and ‘White Glove Service” is superior to others and they look forward to helping any and all in this industry. FBA

Chosen and Perez staff gather to show what a social distancing service looks like.

Chosen Payments is the exclusive credit card processor for Funeral Business Advisor Magazine as well as being a dominant vendor in the industry serving 1000+ funeral professionals. You will find the Chosen Payments team at national and regional funeral industry trade shows and events. They participate as a sponsor and exhibitor as well as leading educational sessions that help improve profitability. For more information please contact Sarah McKee – [email protected] or visit www.chosenpayments.com.