BROOKLYN, NY – The International Memorialization Supply Association (IMSA) is pleased to announce the launch of a Speakers Bureau – a valuable resource of expert speakers who are available to present at industry conferences and other events.

The IMSA Speakers Bureau is an online resource at that will be continually updated with additional speakers and a multitude of topics.  Found on the IMSA website at, topics currently include mausoleum maintenance and concerns, incident policies and procedures, mausoleum opportunities, deathcare and media, e-commerce and internet-based business opportunities, and online consumer behavior.

“We are excited to offer this resource of expertise to the funeral industry,” said Jordan Yearsley, president of the IMSA Board of Trustees. “We hope this will be an added value to IMSA members who wish to provide their expertise to the industry as well for organizations who are looking for industry experts to present at conferences and other meetings.”

IMSA also welcomes non-IMSA members who would like to be included on the Speakers Bureau and encourages submitting profiles and presentation topics for inclusion on the IMSA Speakers Bureau using the forms that are located on the Speakers Bureau webpage.

The International Memorialization Supply Association (IMSA) is comprised of organizations and their representatives that provide goods and services for use in funeral-related commerce.  IMSA members represent a range of specialization in areas such as strategic and financial consulting, products and services for funeral homes and cemeteries, mapping and logistics services, legal issues, and social media.

Visit for further information on the International Memorialization Supply Association.