New Business Will Offer New Service to Families and to the Funeral Profession

Miami, FL – For years, many families have left the funeral home with the cremated remains of their loved ones in a cardboard box.  Once at home, these temporary containers then find their way into closets and garage shelves.  iColumbarium now provides a contemporary solution by allowing families an option to permanently store their loved one’s cremated remains in safe and secure environment.

“iColumbarium offers families an affordable and technologically-innovative choice for the permanent placement of cremated remains,” said Igors Mutjanko, chief executive officer and co-founder of iColumbarium. “Families can rest assured that their loved ones’ cremated remains are safely and securely located in a climate-controlled environment that they can visit anytime via our on-line portal at”

iColumbarium’s one-step purchase allows families to choose an urn and a niche placement.  Families simply make their purchase online and then forward the cremated remains to iColumbarium.  After that, families and friends can visit the web portal to view the urn, offer condolences, and place virtual flowers at the urn.    Families of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome as iColumbarium has urn and niche placement areas specifically for Christian, Buddhist and secular backgrounds.

“Research has continued to show cremation families want options,” said Mujjanko.  “iColumbarium is a truly unique and affordable way for families anywhere in the US to have a safe and secure resting place for the cremated remains of their loved one.”

More information about the new company can be found on the website,

About iColumbarium:  iColumbarium is the first virtual columbarium that offers a unique and affordable way for families to provide a safe, secure, and permanent resting place for the cremated remains of their loved one.  It offers cremation families a meaningful option for them to consider as they lay their loved ones to rest.