Great Lakes Partnership (GLP) is committed to the delivery of the highest quality resources for preplanning professionals, which is why we are pleased to announce the launch of NGL AssetGuard Estate Planning Trust. This top-rated financial vehicle is designed to help families easily prepare for the expenses related to a death and transfer any remaining wealth to chosen beneficiaries, tax-free. GLP offers the NGL AssetGuard Estate Planning Trust.

As funeral and preplanning professionals ourselves, our goal is to create a complete circle of care for families that eases the financial, emotional, and legal burdens with support at every stage of the journey, from at-need to preplanning services. Through our carefully crafted professional partnerships, we can deliver seamless, integrated care to families at their time of need and beyond.

Our financial solution solves the typical issues and problems that families face when they need to make sudden funeral arrangements. Often, funeral homes need pre-payment for services, while assets remain tied up in probate, for example.

With NGL AssetGuard Estate Planning Trust, up to $100,000 of protected wealth can be set aside. When the funds are needed, they are dispersed within 48 hours to the funeral home of choice with any remaining funds delivered to named beneficiaries.

About Great Lakes Partnership

The Great Lakes Partnership (GLP) is a collaboration between ourselves, family-owned funeral homes, pre-planning experts, and others in service of the greater good. Our goal is to consistently improve the preplanning process for families, funeral homes, and advance funeral planners.

To learn more about Autocare and how GLP is ‘redefining preplanning’, please reach out directly to Jon O’Hara, Managing Partner, at 586.636.6611, by email [email protected] , or visit us at .