Naples, FL: October 14-17 in Salt Lake City, Graceful Burial will introduce the Credle® to national and international funeral professions for the families they serve with its biodegradable graveside burial product.

The Credle® was designed to ease the difficult and oftentimes undignified process; where family and friends gather around a grave lowering the cremated remains of a loved one. Made of strong, durable cords/knots and a symbolic ring sliding down from handle to receptacle, a beloved is safely and securely lowered gracefully into their final resting place.

For an intimate farewell, the Credle® grants your loved one a dignified journey to the grave. Those in attendance will start their healing process with this embracement of love and lasting memory.

About Graceful Burial: Established in 2017, Christina Plaisted is the Founder of the Credle®. The memories of losing a family member continue to drive her passion to provide an option and solution to graveside burials.

About the National Funeral Directors Association: NFDA is the world’s largest funeral service association, serving more than 20,000 members in the United States and 49 countries around the world. | 763.234.6865 | [email protected]