By: Thomas Holland, CPC

The last few months have been interesting. It has influenced your ability to meet people face to face and your preneed sales results probably reflected this. First, let me assure you that your prospects and families will allow you to start meeting with you again. You should plan on this. When this will happen, we do not fully know just yet. The timing of this depends on a few factors some of which you have no control over. There are counselors who have continued to sell preneed plans throughout this time. While their sales may not be at the levels before all of us were asked to stay home, they are finding ways to generate business. So, what should you be doing now? Here are some suggestions:

1: Stay positive! Fear can be a salesperson’s worst enemy do not let fear control your daily activities. These times will pass. Things will get better for everyone you need to believe that. The basic prospecting and selling skills still apply today. Activity leads to appointments and that leads to sales! Keep making those contacts. Phone calls, e-mails, and mail notes to your prospects to let them know you are here for them when they are ready to meet or talk with you about their preplanning needs. Use all resources at your disposal to generate activity and keep track of your activity results, this leads to future sales.

2: Start keeping track of your suspects, prospect’s, and hot leads. The most productive counselors are those who do not run out of people to call and or follow up with. Keep records, a journal or other file of all these names and where they are in the process for buying their preneed plan with you. This will give you plenty of prospects to follow up with in a variety of ways. Some of your best sales tomorrow are people who you will and or have spoken with that did not buy for some reason. They just need continual follow up and this shows that you really believe in preplanning, so do not give up on them.
3: Start now if you have not begun already asking for e-mail addresses and ask if you can continue to connect with them. If you are using any social networks, keep your message to one of the services you provide and plant the seed for future conversations. Remember, that is your goal here is for a conversation either in person or remotely. Get up to speed on Webinar services such as Zoom or Go to Meeting. Be ready to answer that objection that your prospect does not want to meet personally. You will be surprised to see the number of people who will accept your invitation to hold a live presentation with them remotely.

4: Utilize a remote sales process. Remote sales have really helped counselors assist families in finalizing a preneed plan. If you have access to an E-App or remote sales app use it. Technology advances in E-Apps and remote sales processes can really boost your results. These are not difficult to navigate, and you will find your families are receptive to you providing a solution to the issue of not wanting to meet face to face today. Promote the ease of use for these tools with your prospects. We have a great E-App and have developed other methods for processing business to help counselors sell more preneed during these unique times and when we get back to normal for your families.

You can do it! Be ready and create new sales opportunities today. FBA

Thomas Holland has been helping funeral homes and preneed counselors across North America for over 20 years. Tom’s field positions include, Agent, Manager, Training Sales Director, Director of Conservation, Director of Development/National Accounts, Director of Preneed Development, VP Sales/CMO. Currently, Tom is the Vice President National Accounts for Atlantic Coast Life. He can be reached at 404-229-8648 or by email at [email protected]