Galaxy Audio’s Nisewonger is Leading the Way

Galaxy Audio named Nisewonger AV in Lawrenceville, GA as their dealer of the year for 2016. Nisewonger AV is a systems integrator focused on school gymnasium sound systems and also the broadcast areas within the schools. Nisewonger AV has used many Galaxy products for installs in elementary, middle, and high schools including Core speakers, G-series amps, wireless mics, AXS mixers, the RM10, and RT66 wired microphones.  To view the entire product line offering or share your Galaxy Audio stories, please visit them at For more info on Nisewonger visit,

“Nisewonger Audio Visual Center is honored to accept the awards for Outstanding Dealer Growth and Dealer of the Year for 2016.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with Galaxy Audio.” -Randy Nisewonger | 800-369-7768

Galaxy Audio, a family-owned company based out of Wichita, Kansas, has been providing high-quality audio gear since 1977. Our signature product, The Hot Spot, launched the company, and has since expanded into a full line of audio products for live production, portable sound, and more. Galaxy Audio promises clear sound and expert support with every product we sell. For more information or to learn about all of the products we have to offer, visit

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