Who is FuneralScreen and what product do you provide?

Greene Valley Media was established in 2007. Their goal was to provide digital media products to the funeral industry through their company brand called FuneralScreen. They created FuneralScreen to help funeral homes and cemeteries by selecting and providing digital monitors, complimentary products and services to funeral homes. Today, they have developed a comprehensive suite of products and full digital services.

How did FuneralScreen get involved in the funeral industry?

FuneralScreen is owned by Jeff and Sue McCauley. As a licensed funeral director, Jeff was the first to see that the funeral industry was missing out on an opportunity to provide a more modern and even greater meaningful service for their client families. Most organizations were still using antiquated directory sign technologies that had not changed in over half a century. Having the vision to see the value of first impressions, Jeff and Sue set out to develop a system that would give funeral homes the tools to personalize their services for the families they serve. After years of hard work and testing in local funeral homes the FuneralScreen platform was launched.

What makes FuneralScreen unique?

Today they provide a truly unique way for a funeral home to personalize their homes for families. FuneralScreen offers a complete service from product delivery to installation. It is a comprehensive service from installation to customized software worldwide. They are committed to helping the funeral industry with a transition into the latest digital solutions.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using FuneralScreen?

FuneralScreen is a truly thoughtful approach to the modern funeral home. They bring the highest standard of digital technology, hardware and software services, for the traditional funeral home or cemetery. Their services are unique in the industry. They offer an entire suite of customer care products and services that provide customized digital screens within beautiful framing and furniture grade enclosures. Over the years, they have designed a selection of digital directory signs and personalized custom framing blending perfectly with your funeral home’s interior design. Their professional installation, maintenance and creative design services help make each funeral home professional and warm to families each day.

How does FuneralScreen provide a solution for Funeral Homes?

FuneralScreen offers many digital signage products including Wall Mount Displays, Free Standing Displays and their new Touch Screen Pedestals and Kiosks. However, their best and most beautiful product is still the Signature Series. Offering Free-Standing or Wall Mount digital signs that command attention. Each come with elegant hardwood and custom engraved cabinetry to enhance a funeral home’s interior design and lobby.

How would a funeral home contact FuneralScreen for more information?

That’s easy. Simply go to their website at or call Jeff and Sue today at 800.270-1237. They will be happy to guide you through their products to help you find the right customized solution for your home.


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