Who is FuneralScreen and what services do you offer?
FuneralScreen was created so that funeral homes could have access to more modernized and personalized digital directory solutions. The company has since grown to provide customized digital solutions for funeral homes and cemeteries, even churches. FuneralScreen provides a comprehensive line of products. The company offers an entire suite of digital directories, management systems, and its recent arrival of LiveStream services. It also offers an extensive library of themed backgrounds, templates, promotional ads and videos.

How did FuneralScreen get involved in the funeral industry?
In 2007, owners Jeff and Sue McCauley had a vision. As a licensed funeral director and funeral home owner, Jeff looked for ways to provide a personalized experience for his families and guests for his own funeral home. He began to imagine customized flat screens as digital directories, door signs and way finders for each chapel. Seeing the potential of providing these solutions for every funeral home across our nation, Jeff and Sue got to work designing custom framing for wall mounted screens, free standing easels and eventually the trademark Signature Series line of custom enclosed wall mounted and free standing displays. Over the years, FuneralScreen has adapted to provide software for its digital display products, touch screens and LiveStream. The company continues to remain progressive and ahead of its time.

What makes FuneralScreen unique?
Even today, at the heart of FuneralScreen, the company continues to find solutions in products and services that will elevate the funeral industry. They are always in search of new ways of helping funeral homes to provide the most impressive digital memories for its families and guests. The company offers beautiful suites of digital touch displays for entries, walls, easels and custom furniture to enhance the interior of any location. It also provides the technology that makes integration of its products easy and affordable. FuneralScreen is one of the most unique companies in its field because it was created by a vision that owners Jeff and Sue McCauley have never stopped designing.

What are the benefits to funeral homes and cemeteries using FuneralScreen?
The benefits to funeral homes and cemeteries are easy to see. Before FuneralScreen introduced its products to the industry, a funeral home would place paper signs or aging plastic felt boards at the front entrance to display a decedent’s name and room location. That was pretty much the extent of it. Today, one only has to walk into a funeral home to see personalized memorials of loved ones, displayed brilliantly on digital displays to greet them. Families look upon digital directories, view memorials on touch screens, and sign digital guest books. Funerals are now broadcasting live in churches and cemeteries thanks to innovations, like LiveStream. Cemeteries and churches now share the funeral home’s digital memorials as they stream funerals from multiple locations. These are only a few of the beneficial examples of products and services, thanks to some of the amazing innovations by FuneralScreen.

How does FuneralScreen provide a solution for the Funeral Industry?
FuneralScreen has been pushing the boundaries of digital technology in funeral homes for fourteen years. As funeral home owners, this unique prospective has made way for innovative award winning products that are made for the funeral industry. Funeral homes, churches and cemeteries all benefit from the highest forms of personalization and advertising. Digital Displays, Touch Screens and technologies like LiveStream provide an ease of access that allows customers to see and to touch their loved ones memories. FuneralScreen’s products and services offer its customers a way to make unforgettable memories, using technology, for each family they serve.

How would a funeral home, cemetery or church contact FuneralScreen?
Go to their website to see FuneralScreen’s line of products and services at www.FuneralScreen.com. Once there you may choose from instant chat, or send us an email to schedule a demo. You may also call FuneralScreen directly at 1-800-270-1237. For additional information about this visit with Jeff McCauley or to learn more about FuneralScreen’s “Complete Digital Solution” call, visit website, or email [email protected]