Who is Funeralocity and what service do they provide?

Funeralocity connects undecided families with the best funeral and cremation providers for their needs. When a family enters an address or zip code at funeralocity.com, all funeral providers in the area are displayed along with their GPLs. Funeralocity’s Excellence Provider program brings added value to qualified funeral providers that makes them stand out from their competitors. Funeralocity is free to families and completely risk-free to funeral providers. For information, visit www.Funeralocity/FH.

What do funeral homes need to know about your services?

Funeralocity brings funeral providers more business, higher revenue, greater market share…all risk-free. Online comparison shopping is now the new “Main Street” for everything from food to travel to funeral care. With Funeralocity, the smart funeral home can thrive in this new marketplace.

What is your value proposition for funeral homes?

Funeralocity is a service that is long overdue: a comparison website for funeral providers developed with the guidance and support of leaders within funeral service. While valued customers who know a funeral home still remain loyal, funeral homes now have the means to reach out to movers and others who are yet undecided.

Why is now the right time for Funeralocity to enter the death-care space?

Consumers today look to comparison websites to learn about and search for virtually everything they need. How could we live without these websites? We go to Zillow to compare houses for sale. For airline tickets, we go to Expedia and many other online sources. We even go to Match. com to find a companion for life. The time has come for an online answer to the kind of help and connections people need in planning a burial or cremation. And now for undecided families, there is Funeralocity to compare funeral and cremation providers in one’s community.

What don’t funeral directors understand about today’s consumers?

Some outstanding funeral directors do understand today’s consumer. But most funeral directors are working from the traditional model of multi-generational connections to families who always rely on the same funeral home. They don’t fully understand that today’s consumers are on the move. According to the US Census Bureau, 41.2% of Americans live in a state in which they were not born. This means 41.2% don’t have a family tradition or history with the funeral homes in their area, they haven’t an allegiance to one provider or another. These members of the mobile society have higher income and are frequent online shoppers. They go to comparison websites to make their purchasing decisions.

What is Funeralocity able to provide that cannot be found elsewhere?

Funeralocity provides the information families need, organized all in one place, so they can make informed decisions that meet their needs. Today’s consumer does not want to go from website to website to research and make a decision. Funeralocity sees itself as an ally to excellent funeral homes, helping them build new markets, increase their online presence and grow their profitability.

What are Excellence Providers and how does a funeral home become one?

Excellence Providers are funeral and cremation providers who have been vetted by Funeralocity. Not all funeral providers qualify as Excellence Providers, but those who do benefit in multiple ways. These funeral homes can post photos, videos, testimonials, information, and points of differentiation that present a compelling value proposition. Furthermore, they appear at the top of the listings, providing them a competitive edge. Funeralocity’s experience to date has shown that Excellence Providers are chosen on the Funeralocity site 142% more often than homes not in the Excellence Program. Funeralocity presents a risk-free proposition to Excellence Providers; they pay no fees to join, no subscription fees to be ongoing members. They only pay Funeralocity a modest percentage of a funeral that Funeralocity sends to them and only after they have been paid by the family. Remember, this is additional business they wouldn’t necessarily have secured when a family is undecided and goes to Funeralocity. It’s incremental or extra income, and more profitable, given that a funeral home’s general overhead has already been met by the business they ordinarily get.

A year from now, what will you be talking about when it comes to Funeralocity, the Internet and funeral service?

A year from now, we hope everyone within funeral service all around the country will be talking about how Funeralocity connects consumers to excellent funeral homes at their time of need. FBA