For more than 50 years and three generations, the Bates Family Funeral Home has prided themselves on serving their community in a professional, caring manner. They are a 3rd Generation Family Owned Funeral Home that is proud to serve De Kalb, Texas, the surrounding communities, as well as other cities in and around Bowie County. The Texas funeral home always offers their clients and their loved ones a sensitive, calming experience, where everything is taken care of for them. They not only listen carefully to the wishes and requirements of their clients, but will offer you compassion and support in difficult and emotional times.

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Bates Family Funeral Home is a proud recipient of the 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 Pursuit of Excellence Award. Pursuit of Excellence is the premiere recognition program for funeral service, setting standards of excellence that motivate funeral home staff, inspire innovation and sustain consumer confidence in the funeral profession. NFDA’s Pursuit of Excellence program recognizes funeral homes that are committed to providing outstanding service to families and communities they serve and are dedicated to achieving the highest professional and ethical standards.

The history of how the Bates Family Funeral Home was established is an interesting and slightly complicated story. In the 1930s, Noble Bates first got into the funeral service industry. Since then, his son Robby Bates and grandson Robb Bates have followed in his footsteps. In 1946, Noble purchased his first funeral home under the name Hanner Funeral Home. As time went on, Noble partnered with Clyde Rolf and started Bates-Rolf Funeral Homes in De Kalb and New Boston, Texas.

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“Through the years, before I got in the industry, my father was managing both locations and needed some help. He made the decision to sell the businesses to a funeral home in a neighboring city and continued to manage those locations with new staff assisting” explains Robb Bates, third generation funeral director and embalmer with Bates Family Funeral Home. “When I got into the business, my father and I decided to try and buy the funeral home back. After being turned down, we made the decision to build a new funeral home. Bates Family Funeral Home was finally in operation. “Although we have only been operating as Bates Family Funeral Home since 2009, my family has been in the funeral service industry in this community for 70 years”, he continues.

One of the things that sets the Texas funeral home apart from their competition is the technology they utilize in day to day operations. A few years ago, Robb set out to find a new and unique approach to serve families.After doing some research online, Robb stumbled upon the automated tribute video software company Tukios. Using their service has not only been a great experience for the staff of the funeral home but for the families they serve as well.

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“I really wanted to find something unique. So when I found Tukios, I knew it would be a great fit. I really liked what they were doing, and I had some ideas that would need to be built off of what they had. So I called them with my ideas and they implemented them quickly by creating entirely new programs for us to use. Working with them is amazing. They offer services unlike anything else out there. If offering the best to the families you serve is a priority at your funeral home, look no further. Tukios is a company that listens to your needs and implements them quickly,” explains Robb.

When families come to the Bates Family Funeral Home they can expect nothing less than exceptional service. The funeral home is located in a small community so it offers a small town feel where everyone knows your name.

“I serve people that I have known since I was a child and people that my father has known his entire life. Everyone who walks through our doors is already a part of our lives in one way or another, so serving them is like serving family. I’ve served on the Chamber of Commerce and as a funeral home we support just about every community event. My father is also the president of the local Cemetery Association here. Our roots here run deep. When families come in our doors, they should expect nothing less than outstanding service and to be treated like family,” says Robb.

One of the main reasons that the Bates Family Funeral Home has been able to be so successful is the way they go above and beyond for the families they serve. In today’s industry, it takes more than just providing a service to be successful.

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“If you are a funeral home that may be struggling in today’s industry, you need to take the time to get to know the families you serve. Something I believe goes above and beyond is to take what you’ve learned about the family and their loved one and spend some of your own money getting each family something personalized, something special, something that is different and unique to the life you are honoring”, mentions Robb.

This personalized attention to detail shows just how much Robb and his family truly care. By putting a personal touch on the services they provide, the Bates Family Funeral Home forms unique, lasting relationships that help the families get through difficult and emotional times. The Texas funeral home strives to give each family a unique experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Moving forward, the Bates family is looking forward to finding out how new technology and social media blend in with the funeral industry. In addition to their website (, the Texas firm also operates a Facebook page that allows for the families they serve to contact them after hours or through messages with quick questions they might have.

“I’m most excited about the impact social media will have on the funeral service industry. It’s a great way to share our values and commitment to those we serve. It allows us to reach out to friends and loved ones of the families experiencing loss and provide an even greater support network for them. It helps us to connect with the community that we call home by showing that we aren’t just a funeral home, we are people that truly care about what we do, and want to provide a service that treats each family as if they were our own. At the same time however, it’s something that I am concerned about as well. This industry was built on forming personal relationships and social media could potentially dilute that if it’s not used correctly. Funeral Homes have to remember that this should be used as a platform for helping serve people who are experiencing great loss in their lives”, says Robb.

After more than 50 years and three generations in the industry, the Bates Family Funeral Home has proved time and time again that they know how to give families the compassion and respect they need during difficult times in a way that is truly unique. The attention to detail, passion for the industry, and knowledge that comes with a long history in the business have ensured the firm’s success in the past and will also be their tools for the future. In an industry that relies on personal touch and customer service, the Bates Family Funeral Home comes out on top every time. FBA