Funeral Home Offers New Way To Be Remembered

Wilson Funeral Home, 1212 Lathrop Ave., is offering a new digital solution that allows people to record important pieces of their life for their family and future generations. These important items can be honored and celebrated through a free online community that allows users to share stories, pictures and messages that will live on even after they leave this life.

This new experience is called BeRemembered and is available through the Wilson Funeral Home website. The website allows users to document important milestones and life events, upload and add favorite pictures and even record messages for loved ones.

“People already use social internet sites to share information about their lives, but these sites are not easy to retrieve the things that were recorded in the past,” said Michael Calliari, funeral director and co-owner of Wilson Funeral Home. “Using BeRemembered, family history and heritage are archived permanently for future generations.”

BeRemembered is a secure site which does not ask for any highly sensitive information and uses the same safe Secure Sockets Layer protocols as online banking. Information will only be shared with people that are appointed as guardians by the user. Guardians, which can include pre-need specialists or funeral directors, can unlock private messages and treasured memories by the user to create a meaningful and personalized funeral ceremony.

Chris Chvilicek and Calliari, funeral directors and co-owners of the Wilson Funeral Home, are delighted to offer this opportunity to friends and families in the community. “Imagine if you could know more about your grandparents or great-grandparents, such as their favorite songs, how they met, what their lives were like as children,” said Chvilicek. “Now imagine that you could record and share this type of information for your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations.”

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