Who is Funeral Home Gifts and what product and/or service do they provide?

Funeral Home Gifts brings overnight personalization to each and every service for less than $100. Our flagship product is our woven Tribute Blanket but we also craft custom cap panels, portraits, and personalized photo urns. Your families will love you for the personalized service and funeral directors appreciate that all of these products are delivered next day. Reorders are simple and profitable. Funeral Directors are also using the Tribute Blankets to encourage full memorialization services to cremation families. The Tribute Blanket provides a focal point to the service beyond traditional photo frames.

How did Funeral Home Gifts get involved in the funeral industry?

Our textile mill traditionally wove photo blankets for portrait and wedding photographers. However, families came to our mill looking for overnight turnaround time on our photo blankets. We did not know the funeral industry but were intrigued by the request. We found that the blankets were being used in home based memorial services and as gifts to the surviving spouses. About the same time we were coming to this realization, a Funeral Director came to us to create a woven blanket for a high profile celebrity funeral. This required next day delivery and we began to see how a change in our production process could allow us to help Funeral Directors and their families with their personalized memorialization needs.

After over two years of process and product development and 12 years of production and supply, Funeral Home Gifts is now an integral business partner to funeral homes throughout the country, shipping over 400 Tribute Blankets and personalization products for next day delivery and presentation to grieving families.

What makes Funeral Home Gifts and its products unique?

Funeral Home Gifts is not a “supplier,” it is a partner. It recognizes the business challenges that funeral homes face – from the trend toward cremation vs. traditional funeral services to something even more immediate and unpredictable as COVID. Most of FHG’s “good ideas” originate from funeral director customers…those who face families every day and listen to what they want…what products would resonate with them? How can FHG fill a need, wow families and grow funeral homes’ businesses?

Next FHG recognizes the velocity that is required by funeral homes and the families that they serve. In most cases funeral directors only have 48 hours to create a “wow” experience. That said, all of FHG’s personalization products are available for next day delivery through a simple on-line order process.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using Funeral Home Gifts products?

There are two primary benefits to partnering with Funeral Home Gifts that fit hand in glove. First, the thousands of family testimonials passed along by funeral directors are testament to the tremendous comfort FHG’s products provide. Secondly, FHG products and partnership are a measurable business benefit in terms of revenue, profitability through repeat sales as well as growth in call volume. One of the reasons that families SELECT a death care provider is because of their history in display and presentation of FHG Tribute Blankets.

How does Funeral Home Gifts provide a solution for Funeral Homes?

Funeral Home Gifts listens to the challenges funeral homes face. How can a Funeral Home confront the challenge of cremation growth vs. full traditional services? How can the funeral home ensure that a family is comforted properly and not feel short changed in an environment of social distancing, limited attendance and livestream services in an era of COVID? It literally starts with the funeral director, FHG is good at what it does because funeral directors are good at what they do.

How would a funeral home contact Funeral Home Gifts for more information?

Contact Wes Wolfe, Sales Manager at 800-233-0439 ext. 226, e-mail [email protected] for more information and a free Tribute Blanket or custom cap panel to try at your next service. Visit www.funeralhomegifts.com.