Funeral Home Gifts, the nation’s premier provider of personalization products, is excited to announce it’s latest product offering – enamel-baked photo urns.

“We recognize that funeral homes and the families they serve already have a ton of urn options,” said Funeral Home Gifts president, Karl Weisenbeck. “So why would we want to jump in with a new product in a market that could be considered already saturated with options?  Because we listened to what our customers have told us would resonate with the families they serve and are responding with a truly revolutionary offering that no one has seen before.”


Available next day and in vertical and horizontal formats, Funeral Home Gifts new photo urn is constructed of unbreakable enamel-baked finished aluminum, printed with up to five images of the decedent and custom text in full color and high definition.  The urn is completed with finished hardwood ends creating a classic presentation for display in any home or office setting.


“I’ve seen statistics that state that that within two years of a service, 80% of families can’t even remember who their death care provider was,” said Weisenbeck. “Our urn creates an amazing presentation as a stand alone centerpiece at memorial services. And when displayed with our Tribute Blanket and personal items cherished by the deceased family member, it truly transforms a vanilla service into a ‘wow experience’ and cements the funeral home as the family’s go-to death care provider.”


To learn more about Funeral Home Gifts new photo urn, call 800-233-0439 or e-mail Karl Weisenbeck directly at [email protected].