FDMS® Pro is a funeral home business management program that is web-based, updated automatically and backed up every night. First designed in 1981 for funeral homes, the Funeral Director’s Management System software (FDMS® Pro) was the industry’s first web hosted funeral home management software solution.

With FDMS Pro®, you can access all your case information, sales and customer service data anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Do this with any of your devices including multiple computers in the same funeral home, multiple chapels, tablets and smart phones.

FDMS Pro® not only has its own extensive list of reports available to its customers, but also utilizes the power of Johnson Consulting Group’s Performance Tracker™ software to provide more in-depth evaluation of customer service and sales data. No other software company in the funeral space can provide this kind of 24/7 sales analysis and insight on tough issues like rising cremation, lowering profits and developing staff.

With simple operating tools, the creators of FDMS Pro® have kept funeral directors in mind with a quick and effective application that allow the following:

• Robust searching capabilities to find and review cases.
• Veteran forms and benefits.

• Document funeral expenses and create a statement of goods and services.

• Print from any screen. All forms and reports can be printed locally.

• Capture first call information, vitals, services and arrangement times and dates and more.

• Upload documentation and keep it safely and securely within each case.

• Track and record payments and donations.

Utilizing Amazon Web Services, FDMS Pro® resides on some of the most state-of-the-art, firewall secured servers on the market today, ensuring your precious case information is protected from natural disasters, computer crashes and viruses. The end result is a fast, scalable and low disruption service to our customers.

Combined with the experience and expertise of Johnson Consulting Group (www.johnsonconsulting.com) we regularly upgrade our system to continually meet the ever changing needs of the funeral home owner, directors, arrangers, embalmers and accountants(All at no cost to the customer!). No other software company has the resources and funeral home knowledge to ensure the user experience is not solely from the perspective of a software engineer. FBA

Funeral Director’s Management System
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