Funeral Directors Life

Who is Funeral Directors Life and what product and services do they provide?

Funeral Directors Life is a full-service preneed funeral life insurance company that offers innovative, turn-key preneed programs. They seek to help their clients grow revenue, increase market share, stay relevant, and implement fresh, new ideas that work.

How did Funeral Directors Life get involved in the funeral industry?

They were originally founded by four West Texas funeral directors who wanted two things. First, they wanted their funeral homes to be represented fairly and properly in their local marketplace. This means how they sell matters. Second, their founders were concerned about the long-term effects of prepaid funerals on their funeral businesses. This means they offer insurance products, marketing, and support services that keep the funeral director’s long-term interests in mind. Their board of directors has 10 funeral directors on it whose decisions affect both Funeral Directors Life and their own businesses. This leads to decisions that balance the needs of Funeral Directors Life and the funeral director.

What makes Funeral Directors Life unique?

Funeral Directors Life is a unique company to work with because their mission is to be known as the “best, most-respected provider of service to the funeral industry.” Not the biggest, not the most profitable, but the best.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using Funeral Directors Life?

“There are three main benefits to choosing Funeral Directors Life:

1. The funeral director is our customer and our interests are aligned with theirs. When they succeed, we succeed. Too often, third party marketers act as a “middle man,” and unnecessarily cut into the revenue streams, both growth and commissions, that should benefit the funeral home.

2. Because the funeral profession is more complex than ever, funeral directors can benefit most by being served by knowledgeable, trusted business advisors. Our expert teams have the business acumen and experience to help guide our clients through this changing marketplace and to give them the local advantage.

3. Funeral directors need innovative products and services to effectively serve the rapidly changing funeral consumer. This means it’s critical that our customers have at their fingertips both top-notch traditional marketing programs and new, cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.”

How does Funeral Directors Life provide a solution for Funeral Homes?

“Three things set us apart from the competition:

1. We’re the only preneed company that has an employee accountability chain that goes from the sales professional at grandma’s kitchen table right to the CEO’s office. This gives funeral directors confidence that they are being represented the right way — with care, professionalism, and effectiveness.

2. Our preneed marketing and lead generation capabilities are unmatched in the industry. And our marketing goes beyond preneed. Because the funeral director is our customer, we offer complete at-need marketing services that ensure the funeral director’s preneed and at-need marketing plans are tightly integrated.

3. We embrace the use of technology to help you connect, communicate, and collaborate with the rapidly changing funeral consumer—the families that you’re serving now and trying to serve in the future. Services like Passare®, Audio and Video Solutions,™, Circle of Friends® eAftercare, Precare™, email marketing and social media content management need to be utilized to capture the attention of those whose communication preferences are vastly different from the previous generation.”

How would a funeral home contact Funeral Directors Life for more information on their products?

For more information on the products and services of Funeral Directors Life, please call them at (800) 692-9515 or visit them online at FBA

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