Web-based platform now offers a mobile-friendly design, live chat feature and several online payments capabilities, available on any smartphone and tablet.

Funeral Services, Inc. (FSI), the leading deathcare trust administrator for preneed and perpetual care trusts, today announced sweeping enhancements to PRISM, the company’s online trust recordkeeping and administration services platform. The new features, which include making the platform more mobile friendly, will ensure deathcare firms are equipped with the tools, resources and real-time information they need to serve consumers in an increasingly digital environment.

In addition to its new mobile interface, PRISM now allows clients to set up and process one-time and recurring consumer credit card payments online. State associations also now have the capability to process member checks and other forms of payment through PRISM. As clients navigate the platform’s new look and capabilities, FSI added a live chat feature so clients can speak directly with an FSI team member online during business hours.

PRISM’s new mobile interface and enhanced dashboard is now available for seamless use across all smartphones, tablets and the majority of browsers. Since the platform is entirely web-based, no app downloads or frequent updates are necessary.

“By upgrading our technology so it’s available on any device, funeral directors and cemeterians now have essential client and trust information at their fingertips 24/7,” said Bill Williams, president and CEO of FSI. “The advancements to PRISM provide deathcare professionals with an unprecedented level of access to client records. The real-time tools also ensure they can meet their communities’ expectations as more consumers continue to begin their end-of-life planning online.”

PRISM – FSI’s robust, secure, online platform – gives deathcare professionals total control of their trust and sales programs. With just a few clicks, funeral directors and cemeterians have complete access to programs details, including the status of every preneed contract, trust transaction history, regulatory reporting deadlines, the market value of an entire trust account and more.

FSI is actively working on several new features and plans to announce additional enhancements to PRISM and other tools in the near future. For more information on PRISM, visit us at https://fsitrust.com/online-contract-managment.html.

About Funeral Services, Inc.:

Funeral Services, Inc. (FSI) specializes in the administration, recordkeeping and support of preneed and perpetual care trusts for cemeteries, funeral homes, deathcare industry associations and financial institutions. With more than 300 years of combined industry experience, FSI ensures trust and sales programs are operating at maximum efficiency through unmatched security, convenience, speed, compliance and cutting-edge technology. Over the course of more than 40 years, FSI has grown to serve over 1,200 individual firms located in 20+ states and administers more than 200 deathcare trusts across the nation for publicly and privately-owned entities. For more information, please visit www.FSITrust.com.