Kingston, Ontario – FrontRunner today announced an industry-wide offer to help any funeral home set up their Facebook page and share a free step-by-step guide outlining how to use Facebook Live to broadcast funeral services. This offer is available to any funeral home, regardless of being a FrontRunner client or not.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many funeral homes to think differently about how they will host funeral services and continue to offer support for the community. FrontRunner heard this loud and clear from many clients over just a few days and knew they could offer something more valuable than anything else – their time to help all funeral homes.

“This week I have talked to so many funeral directors who are exhausted, confused and need help when it comes to moving their face-to-face interactions to a virtual space” says Jules Green, CEO of FrontRunner Professional. “I wrote my team literally one hour before saying this and said we can help these guys, let’s do it. We will figure out the workload that comes in as a team – they need us right now,” adds Green.

The FrontRunner team has rallied together to do something that doesn’t cost the funeral home anything. They will set up any firm’s Facebook page if they don’t currently have one and give them a PDF they can follow with equipment recommendations so they can still support the families and their community using Facebook Live.

“There will be no questions asked. We’ve added a form to our website for any funeral home to fill out and request the help. From there we will get their page built and send them the PDF. If they need further help, we will be there” adds Jules. “We can help, so we will. Period,” concludes Green.

The FrontRunner team will work through all requests as quickly as possible, including over the weekend. Simply fill out the form to have them set up your Facebook page and guide you to offer Facebook Live funeral services during the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you have questions, contact Jules Green directly at [email protected].