poul-legalcounselOne of the select few lawyers in North America who specializes in funeral service is now part of the FrontRunner team.

Poul Lemasters of Lemasters Consulting will act as legal counsel for FrontRunner but he will also help lead the charge against obit piracy, which is threatening the profession and robbing funeral directors of millions of dollars in lost online revenue. To further aid this cause, a portion of FrontRunner revenues received from monthly licensing and hosting fees will cover the retainer fee to allow clients to access Poul’s services for any funeral related legal concerns.

Poul has tremendous experience with the funeral profession. He also serves as the cremation counsel for ICCFA and advisory counsel for PLPA.

“As a funeral director myself, I have learned firsthand of the tremendous cost, delays and problems that can occur when a lawyer must first get up to speed on the uniqueness of funeral service and then understand the vast regulations,” says Kevin Montroy, Founder and CEO of FrontRunner Professional. “We do not simply want to be known as a company that only sells software; we want to be known as a company that is genuinely making a difference to help funeral professionals.”

“Funeral service is indeed changing and with great change comes many new challenges that were not prevalent in the past,” explains Poul.  “As consumers demand change, legislation is enacted to protect the public. Funeral professionals need to be prepared and protect themselves.”

Poul adds, “I have not witnessed this level of care and concern for clients before and I am pleased to be working with FrontRunner in an effort to help their valued clients.”

For more information on FrontRunner, contact us today at 1-866-748-3625 or online at www.FrontRunner360.com