It has been nearly two years since we set out to create an embalming machine, one that we believed to be worthy of bearing the Frigid Fluid brand name. The mantra here at Frigid is #EmbalmBetter and it keeps us working hard for you and for all of our customers around the world. The journey began back in 2012 with the introduction of SILITECH, the addition of silicone in our line of Arterial Embalming fluids.

Doing this has improved embalming with Frigid products and has helped bring the focus of the funeral back to what matters– the quality of your work and ultimately, the loved one who has passed. Since then we have acquired some popular products previously produced by Hizone Brands, have improved the trocar button and trocar button tool and have worked tirelessly to grow our customer base within the US and around the world.  This has brought us to where we are today, announcing the launch and pre order of THE Frigid Fluid Embalming Machine.

I am incredibly proud of everyone who worked on this machine, gave their opinion, and offered ideas for improvement along the way.  I am honored to bring this innovative piece of equipment to our industry.  Please take a moment to view our exciting launch video below and click the link to our pre order webpage to learn more about the product and to place an order. Please be advised that pre order quantities and custom colors are limited so do not delay if you decide to pre order.  Thank you for your time– we consider it the ultimate privilege at Frigid Fluid to be able to innovate and bring exciting new products to the profession.  We hope you will embalm with us.

The brand-new embalming machine is up for Pre-Order now and can be seen at Frigid’s website: