Who is Foundation Partners Group?

Foundation Partners Group is a leading provider of innovative funeral and cemetery experiences and products. As one of the largest privately-owned funeral and cemetery operators, Foundation Partners owns and operates over 135 funeral homes, cremation centers, and cemeteries in 20 states. With headquarters in Orlando, Florida, Foundation Partners is committed to revolutionizing the funeral profession while harnessing the power of relationships and partnership within their network and the communities they serve.

Foundation Partners is driven by five unique truths – Partnership, Relationships, Innovation, Compassion and People Focused – that keep them true to their principles. Their desire to preserve their partners’ legacies, combined with their innovative approach, sets them apart from other aggregators and positions them for a leadership role in defining the future of the funeral industry.

How did Foundation Partners Group get involved in the funeral industry?

Foundation Partners Group began in 2010, with funeral home and cemetery owners partnering with experienced business executives to reinvent the future of the funeral profession. Since that time, Foundation Partners has experienced significant growth and now serves more than 60,000 families annually across the country.

Critical to this growth has been the Foundation Partners leadership team and Field Advisory Board. This combination has strong roots in the funeral services profession and understands how to merge the most compassionate and memorable end-of-life care with new ideas and technology.

What makes Foundation Partners Group unique?

Families today are looking for a different kind of funeral experience – an experience that involves a guest-centered approach to celebrate the lives of loved ones, utilizing the most advanced technology available. To meet that need, Foundation Partners created ShareLife® – a unique, comprehensive approach to funeral planning that ensures every life is honored and celebrated. Whether prearranging, planning a life celebration, or selecting permanent memorialization, ShareLife weaves together a variety of products, services and options that transform a traditional funeral into a one-of-a-kind celebration focused on beautiful memories spanning a lifetime. ShareLife is not just one thing, it’s everything we do to make experiences personal and memorable.

With the advanced video, sound, and scent technologies in our patented ShareLife Multi-Sensory Experience, we listen, imagine and work together to create an event designed to fit each family’s individual needs. At our facilities, outdoors or at other locations, thoughtful professionals create an unforgettable experience, custom-designed to celebrate what made each loved one special.

What are the benefits to funeral homes joining Foundation Partners Group?

For most business owners, selling their company will be a defining moment in their life. Whether it’s a family-owned business that has been passed down through generations, or a company they’ve started from scratch, the key to selling depends upon their life goals and the lifecycle of their business. Regardless of their motivations, Foundation Partners is focused on helping owners preserve and grow their legacy into the future. With Foundation Partners’ size and scale, they have the experience to understand each unique situation and help owners reach their goals.

Regardless of their motivation, Foundation Partners strives to help them preserve and grow their legacy into the future while respecting their brand, employees, and community.

How does Foundation Partners Group provide a solution for Funeral Homes?

Foundation Partners combines the knowledge and compassion of longtime funeral home owners with the expertise of diverse business experts, to ensure each owner receives both the care and innovative insights their business needs to succeed. They avoid the cookie cutter approach and work with owners to understand their business and community, while welcoming their ideas and leadership in developing programs tailored to each situation. When owners partner with Foundation Partners, they have access to the resources, technology, products, services, training, and back office support they need to meet their goals.

Because Foundation Partners is a private company, it has the opportunity to make long-term decisions that embrace each funeral home’s individual characteristics and community values while avoiding the pressures of short-term decision making that many other firms face.

How would a funeral home contact Foundation Partners Group for more information?

If you’re interested in becoming part of Foundation Partners Group, you can learn more by visiting FoundationPartners.com or calling 888.788.7526.

Foundation Partners Group | www.foundationpartners.com | 888.788.7526