FINE Mortuary College and Legacy Tribute Inc today announced a new Strategic Partnership, which will bring a new commercial dimension to the learning experience of students at the school in Norwood, MA.

“We are very excited about this new partnership which enables us to provide hands on commercial learning and experience for our students. This new initiative enables us to build on the existing strong foundation that our curriculum already provides”, said FMC President Kevin Koch. “Legacy Tribute have provided us with a fully equipped Merchandising Room which includes a website and technology platform, as well as a physical display of casket options and memorial tributes. Students can use this to practice arrangements for families, learn how to post obituaries on websites, create DVD tributes, and how to operate a Management Software system.”

Legacy Tribute President John Finlay added: “We are absolutely delighted to partner with FINE Mortuary College. It made absolute sense for us to invest in providing a merchandising system at FINE, which we believe will really add to the learning experience for students.  We are committed to helping to develop a focused commercial learning platform for students at FINE to complement the excellent curriculum already in place at the school. Our focus is on helping funeral homes to address the changing needs of funeral home merchandising – helping to improve both the experience for client families and on helping build revenues for the funeral home.” Finlay explained that Legacy Tribute’s partnership with FuneralTech enables them to offer both FIMC and funeral homes a one-stop shop for all their product, merchandising, technology and training needs.

Based in Norwood, MA, FINE Mortuary College is a private, Two Year College that trains tomorrow’s industry leaders.   Initially founded as the Funeral Institute of the North East in 1996, the school was started with the backing of several funeral professionals interested in promoting excellence in education in funeral service. The founders were determined to emphasize comprehensive practical experience and excellent academic training, responsive to the needs of the fast-changing funeral profession. FMC became authorized to grant an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Funeral Service in June 2001.  The student body has steadily grown from seven in 1996 to over 100 by 2017. In 1999, FMC became eligible to provide Federal Financial Aid for those students who qualify.  In March of 2014, FMC was purchased by GLC Solutions, LLC, an education management company.

The college has continued to expand, adding more funeral professionals to the faculty and expanding the campus, including additional classroom space and student interactive learning space that duplicates the funeral home experience.

Legacy Tribute Inc is an independent, family owned business serving funeral homes across New England and the North East United States. Committed to helping funeral professionals and the families they serve, the company provides a fresh new approach to caskets, funeral home merchandising and memorial tributes. In addition to a full, comprehensive casket line, the company specialize in Heritage caskets including Veterans, Irish, Orthodox, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese and several other options. Customers are encouraged to visit the Showroom and Merchandising Center in Scituate, MA or alternatively a mobile showroom is available to visit a customer’s funeral home.

FINE Mortuary College can be contacted at (781)762-1211 or by email [email protected], Legacy Tribute can be contacted at (617)TRIBUTE (874-2883) or by email [email protected].