What does the name “Final Embrace” mean?

While their company now makes a variety of service and removal items, they began making quilted cot covers as a way to soften the image presented during a removal. They see the removal of a loved one as the “first goodbye” for many families as they begin the grieving process and the old style body bags and clinical-looking covers just didn’t seem to offer that “final embrace” they feel the deceased deserves.

How did Final Embrace start?

Their founder, Timothy Totten, was working in a family funeral home in Florida when his boss handed him a bright blue fake fur cover to use on a removal. Having grown up in a family of quiltmakers, Tim was sure that families would more appreciate a blanket or quilt instead of fur. With his boss’ permission, he cut and fitted a store-bought quilt and took it on a removal. The response was immediate and positive. Soon, he was making them in his garage on nights and weekends.

How has Final Embrace changed in the years since?

They quickly outgrew the garage and needed more people to keep up with the demand. Tim’s father, Lynn Totten, Sr. came on board and two others were soon working out of their own homes. As the company added news products – comfort pouches, AlternaView Systems, church truck drapes, etc. – they needed more people and a bigger facility.

What sets Final Embrace apart from competition?

Their founder started with a philosophy that we should always ship as fast as possible and make the best version of whatever product or solution they offer. It is not enough to create something serviceable. They are known for making elegant, beautiful, and functional solutions to problems. Because of that, they aren’t always the cheapest and they wear that as a badge of honor. They also manufacture everything right here in the USA and all of their employees are paid a living wage.

Fast shipping. How fast?

They have over 300 items on the shelf most of the time. Considering they don’t sell much other than fabric funeral service items, that’s a lot. It means they can ship almost every order within 48 hours. That means every one of their customers, whether a website buyer, a shopper from their catalog, or an end user from one of their many wholesale customers, can expect to get super-fast service. And in an industry where the typical product ships in 2-4 weeks or longer, getting something this fast means their loyal customers stay happy.

With this kind of success, what keeps the staff of Final Embrace motivated?

They were recently nominated for another NFDA Members’ Choice Award and they were very proud to be among the top 5 finalists for a second year in a row for their unique patent-pending VersoTable. This super-useful table is so easy to set up and weighs only eight pounds.

But they’re not resting on accolades here. Their product designers are busy working on several new product lines, including some prototypes for the pet loss industry. They’re also constantly improving their products. All of their Precious Cargo Transporters now come with padding and lining and their church truck drapes have seen upgrades.

Any other changes coming to Final Embrace?

Today, they have 14 employees and they are planning a move to an even-larger facility. But they still expect to offer the same great speed, unrivaled innovation, and exemplary customer service. Their goal is to make every removal, viewing, or service a more-comforting experience for client families and give funeral directors the piece of mind that the tools they use have been designed with care and attention to the details. FBA

Final Embrace
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