FDMS® Launches Two-Way Integration with Answering Service for Directors, FuneralCall and Messenger Stationery

Funeral Director’s Management Software (FDMS®) is pleased to announce the launch of a two-way integration with 3 other software companies operating in the funeral services industry: Answering Service for Directors (ASD), FuneralCall and Messenger Stationery.  This relationship will assist funeral professionals in improving operational efficiency and service to families.

“As we continue to develop FDMS Pro®, we are excited about the value created to our customers by integrating with other popular funeral business providers…FDMS Pro®, is continually evolving with the needs of the funeral business owner to simplify and expand the funeral process and options” said FDMS’s owner Jake Johnson.

FDMS Pro® contains tools and features to easily manage every aspect of the case process, and also utilizes the power of Johnson Consulting Group’s widely used Performance Tracker™ software to provide a deep dive into sales analysis reporting not being offered by any other software company in the funeral industry.  It’s like having a business consultant at your fingertips 24/7 providing insight on issues like rising cremation, lowering profits and developing staff.  And, FDMS Pro® is affordable for any size funeral operation with annual fees lower than the cost of an average funeral.

Integration between FDMS® and these software companies will eliminate any duplicate data entry into the different platforms.  Any updated information entered into a case in FDMS® will also be transferred over and updated into the identical case in ASD, FuneralCall and Messenger Stationery.

FDMS® Pro is loaded with case management tools and features that cover every aspect of the case process.  To learn more about FDMS®, please visit online at www.webfdms.com or call (480) 568-8280.

FDMS® was first designed in 1981 for funeral homes.  It was the industry’s first web hosted funeral home management software solution.  The system is updated automatically and backed up every night.  With FDMS®, funeral professionals can enter complete information for a case and print forms in less than 15 minutes.  For more information, please visit www.webfdms.com.

Answering Service for Directors (ASD) has been family owned and operated since 1972.  ASD uses state of the art technology combined with an extensive training program to focus on offering families compassionate care.  ASD has redefined the role of an answering service for funeral homes.  For more information, please visit www.myASD.com or call 800-868-9950.

ABOUT FuneralCall:
FuneralCall has over 27 years as a premier answering service for the funeral home industry.  FuneralCall provides industry professionals with the ultimate customer service experience, and acts as a virtual extension of their business.  FuneralCall only uses live receptionists, no prompts or automation and focuses on a ‘boutique type’ experience.  For more information, please visit www.funeralcall.com or call 888-239-0351.

ABOUT Messenger Fine Funeral Stationery:
With over 100 years of history, Messenger offers the widest selection of stationery products in the industry.  Messenger has also formed invaluable partnerships with other leading companies to broaden its product mix in an effort to offer more choices to families.  Messenger is committed to provide funeral professionals with the highest quality, innovative products.  To learn more, please visit www.messengerstationery.com or call 800-827-5151.

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