App Keeps You Up-to-Date on Deaths in Your Life’s Network So You Can Be There When It Matters Most

Having already connected 1.5 million friends and family during times of loss, Everdays, a social platform that builds communities around milestone life events, is now poised to connect millions more, enabling anyone to stay up-to-date about deaths in their life’s network.

Everdays is announcing over 1,000 deaths across the U.S. and Canada per month through its funeral home partnerships, enabling families to quickly create a space to privately message condolences, share photo and video memories, participate in events and be there for loved ones when it matters most. Today, the service is now widely available for anyone to join in the Everdays community to honor a loved one’s memory.

Even with conventional social media, many people find out weeks or months later about the passing of someone important in their lives—a community member in their home town, a former coworker or schoolmate, for example. At that point, they’ve missed the opportunity to pay respects in person or at least send timely condolences to the family.

“By the time most adults have a family, we’re touched by a relevant passing about once every 30 days. But, as life gets more hectic, we all lose touch and our networks grow to be large and scattered. So by the time we find out about a loss, it is too late to show the support for the family when they need it most,” said Mark Alhermizi, CEO of Everdays. “Our mission is to make sure that never happens again by keeping you connected and informed about these milestone events.”

Everdays allows friends and family to build a community of support at any scale, with communities often reaching 1,000 members and growing as large as 20,000 members in just a few days. This broad reach ensures everyone touched by the deceased during their lifetime will have an opportunity to grieve and celebrate their life.

The Everdays mobile app and website use interactive, conversational technology to learn about users and what networks they care about, such as high school, employers, military service, hometown, and even local funeral homes. When a family creates an Everdays announcement, the platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make connections throughout the network using matching parameters. Everdays then sends immediate notifications about deaths within those networks to keep community members informed. Because the community knows about the passing in a timely mannerthey can support the family as circumstances allow, either in person by attending services or from afar by sending condolences.

And, since many people are unsure of the right thing to do or say at a difficult time, the Everdays Guide takes the guesswork out of how best to support grieving family and friends. Its built-in knowledge base provides automated suggestions and helpful hints that community members can use to provide the right support at the right time.

“I know from personal experience how upsetting it is to find out too late,” Alhermizi said. “When my dad passed, I deeply appreciated the people who came to honor his memory. But because I had moved away, when those people suffered a loss of their own, I just didn’t know and wasn’t able to be there for them the way they had been there to support me. I felt terrible, and I aim to eliminate that with Everdays.”

To get started receiving updates about milestone life events in your network, go to or download the Everdays app, available for both iOS and Android.

About Everdays
Everdays is the largest and fastest growing social platform building communities around milestone life events. Everdays provides free memorial announcements and keeps users up-to-date about deaths in their life’s network, enabling them to share memories, events and condolences when loved ones need it most. To learn more, visit