November 13, 2019 @ 4:00 pm
Iles Funeral Homes, Inc. - Dunn's Funeral Home and Crematory
Des Moines
Selected Independent Funeral Homes
(800) 477-3633

Selected Connections programs typically are entirely planned and hosted by a Selected member firm and/or Preferred Partner that opens its doors to Selected members in order to highlight best practices and lessons learned. These members-only, unique, hands-on programs highlight the camaraderie and trust shared by Selected members. In order to maintain the members-only status, Selected does not seek continuing education credit for these meetings.

**For Selected members only**

  Program Topic 1: What Makes Preneed Systems Unique & Capabilities for Partner Funeral Homes
Program Topic 2: eFuneral: History – Vision – Demonstration
Program Topic 3: Funeral Service Vision 2020: A Look at the Challenges Impacting the
Profession Today and in the Future
Program Topic 4: Battling Burnout & Building Resilience: Supporting & Retaining
Funeral Professionals
Program Topic 5: Inter-Generational Communication