eFuneral, the funeral technology company behind the first-of-its-kind funeral planning and funding digital storefront, hit a monumental milestone this month reaching $10 Million in online funeral arrangements sold through funeral partner providers while assisting 7,000+ families with the option to shop, select and purchase preneed and at-need funeral arrangements online.

Luke Frieberg, President of eFuneral Solutions LLC., stated that while these historic sales numbers can be attributed to the simple, convenient step-by-step guided experience his team has developed and optimized over the past two years, it’s the success of the established partners along with the trust they have put in eFuneral’s innovative tools that drives these extraordinary results. “This milestone is 100% about our partners and their success as businesses – we can’t do it without them,” Frieberg said. “We’re grateful for each of our nationwide partners and the trust they’ve put in us as a company and our ability to give them innovative solutions.”

Over the past year, eFuneral has completed a major overhaul of their online arrangement platform, shortened onboarding times for funeral homes and provided more resources for funeral providers to generate high-quality leads through their online platform. These changes have made it easier for funeral homes to go live with their storefront and reach more families, thus generating more revenue.

McAlister Smith Funeral & Cremation out of South Carolina is a long-time partner of eFuneral who has seen great success with their online sales tool, and their experience with eFuneral as a whole. “It’s created more revenue for us, as we have more preneed and those preneeds eventually turn into at needs,” said Janie Brown, Director of Finance at McAlister Smith. “You’re just able to reach more people.”

Along with higher revenue, McAlister Smith has created a trusted partnership and sees eFuneral as a similarly thinking entity to help them innovate as they need for their funeral business, as said by Mark Smith, Funeral Director at McAlister Smith. “eFuneral leaders and employees believe and think like we do as funeral home owners and leaders. They’re committed to quality and excellence in all that they do,” Smith said.

As eFuneral grows and reaches new milestones, company leaders like Director of Partner Development, Mitch Smith, recognize the importance of partnerships with funeral homes around the country and the continued goal to create solutions for them. “Since our conception, we’ve been growing, innovating and changing – all with the funeral homes in mind. We’ve heard from our current partners about their needs as funeral directors, and we truly think that through collaboration with them, we’ve been able to build a trusted product which has proven to generate record-breaking revenue,” Smith said.

eFuneral Solutions, LLC, is a breakout digital solutions company that helps funeral homes maximize market share through optimized online sales. Established in 2019, the Des Moines, Iowa-based technology outfit is a subsidiary of Homesteaders Life Company. Learn more at partner.efuneral.com.