Duncan Stuart Todd, The Preparation Room Specialist, is honored to celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2021. For three decades, Duncan Stuart Todd has been creating modern, state-of-the-art preparation rooms and care centers. We have dedicated ourselves to protect the health and safety of the embalmer and funeral staff. Thank you to our customers who have placed their confidence in our company to engineer effective solutions and deliver quality products over the years. We truly appreciate your business, are grateful for our success, and are proud of our long-standing position as an industry leader.

Company head Duncan Todd remarked: “This is an incredible milestone for any company. Duncan Stuart Todd has achieved this success through the hard work, passion, and dedication of our team members, the continued improvements in our products and services, and our culture of customer service.”

Further information on our products and services can be found at www.duncanstuarttodd.com. Contact us directly at 720 583 1886 or via email [email protected].