Passare®, McKee Wallwork + Co. Collaborating on Death Care Genogram

Death care professionals will soon have access to the most detailed, comprehensive analysis ever created of the of the death care industry. McKee Wallwork + Co. and Passare announced today the creation of the Death Care Genogram, the first-of-its-kind map of trends, risk factors, and overall health of businesses related to end-of-life products and services.

“Passare has more quantitative, real-time data about the funeral business than perhaps any company that exists today,” said Eric Layer, Partner at MW+C. “Meanwhile, MW+C has two decades of experience identifying and quantifying the factors that lead to growth – and stalled growth – for a business and industry, as well as extensive firsthand knowledge in the funeral space. The chance to team up is going to provide some insights about the death care business that we’ve never been able to see before.”

Josh McQueen, VP of Product for Passare, agreed. “The real power of this study is its unique ability to marry together both quantitative and qualitative components. It’s helpful to be able to see what trends are happening in cremation, what case averages look like, and what products families are buying – owners spend a lot of time looking at that stuff. But now we’ll be able to overlay those data points with information from the MW+C research on the health of business – and death care businesses specifically. So, we’ll be able to see the kind of effects that a company’s internal alignment, managerial challenges, or innovation have on the brass tacks of funeral business.”

All death care professionals are invited to participate in the study. A brief, online survey is available at and takes only about 15 minutes to complete. Businesses who complete the survey before August 1 will receive a free report plotting their company’s own Genogram against the national results and providing important insight into their health, threats, and opportunities as a firm.

MW+C has always had a special relationship with Passare. The case management software company was conceived in an MW+C conference room over a decade ago. This new partnership continues the spirit of innovation and introspection that have defined both firms and their service to funeral homes around the country.

The title of the study comes from a medical term for a diagram of family and medical history, showing hereditary patterns, risk factors, and predispositions to disease. McKee Wallwork + Co. applies the concept to business by plotting a complete “family tree” picture of an entire category and then identifying comparison points, trends, and inconsistencies by analyzing specific businesses relative to their cohort.

About McKee Wallwork + Co.

McKee Wallwork + Co. is a marketing advisory firm that generates new momentum for stalled, stuck and stale organizations and industries across North America. The company made the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America in its first year of eligibility and has twice won the prestigious Effie Award for marketing effectiveness from the American Marketing Association. In addition to twice winning “Southwest Small Agency of the Year” from Advertising Age, MW+C also won its national “B2B Campaign of the Year” award. Advertising Age has also repeatedly recognized MW+C as one of the nation’s Best Places to Work in marketing. MW+C has worked with dozens of death care brands in award-winning and disruptive work since 2008.

 About Passare

One of the greatest challenges in the funeral profession today is communication with today’s tech savvy families and access to accurate and timely information when and where you need it. To meet this need, Passare offers the funeral profession’s only funeral home collaboration software with integrated business management tools. Through Passare, funeral directors can connect and communicate with families and access case information anytime, anywhere, using any internet-connected device. Offering unlimited users, unlimited devices, unlimited updates, and 24/7 customer support, Passare is helping funeral staff to save time, streamline processes, and spend more quality time with the families they serve and with their own families at home.