Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, has announced the Levitational Company, and a new product line called the “Divinity” Cross, a first-of-its-kind spiritual centerpiece for the home for remembering a loved one. Just six years after CSI first aired, Zuiker was thrust into the most personal crime scene of his career when his father committed suicide in 2006.

“I spent my whole life trying to get my father to love me, so years later, I decided to invent the “Divinity” Cross to ease my own pain and now my father rests in peace in my home,” shared Zuiker. “I invented “Divinity” Cross for those who have experienced loss on a deep level, but never want to forget the one’s who’ve left us too soon.”

Once the “Divinity” Cross is purchased, the family is tasked to choose a photo of their loved one, place sacred items in the drawer, store and lock the ash vessel, and determine a permanent place in the home to display. When the product is then turned on, the “Divinity” Cross “levitates” above the base to become a spiritual centerpiece in the home. The “Divinity” Cross is meant to honor a loved one who’ve passed and is specially designed to bring loved ones together to celebrate a storied life. It is also a conversation piece to keep the ones who’ve passed present in their daily lives.

The “Divinity” Cross made its debut in April at the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association) annual conference. “The “Divinity” Cross really caught my attention because it brings together a very modern look and feel to a product, yet exudes so much sensitivity and thoughtfulness to what people experience around a death of a loved one,” added Andy Lopez, VP of Sales for the Gaffney Group.

The “Divinity” Cross will be available in several versions including Divinity: Cross of Remembrance, Honor: The Military Cross of Service, and Loyalty: The Cross of Unconditional Love. For more information, visit www.