is a marketing, positioning and technology conference about how to grow cremation call volume and profits for both brick-and-mortar and website-based businesses. highlights what is specifically working around the country to out-compete local or regional competitors, drive more leads and win more profitable cremations –  from “low cost,” “value” and “life celebration” shopper-segments.

“Basically, the challenge facing the funeral industry is a marketing challenge,” says Robin Heppell, funeral director and president of Funeral Results Marketing (FRM), which is hosting the conference. “Consumers are segmenting and changing, so more skilled positioning, marketing and communication is needed to stay relevant to them,” he says. Brian Young, FRM’s director of business development and conference speaker, cites two family-owned firms he has worked with as proof of Heppell’s point. “Because of how they modernized their marketing approach, they were selling over $1 million per year in cremation revenue just through their websites, in modest sized markets,” he said.

Guest speaker, John McQueen, president of Anderson McQueen funeral home in St. Petersburg, Florida has also achieved what Heppell is referring to. As their cremation rate soared from 21% in 1987 to over 72% in 2010, their marketing, positioning and communication innovations drove call volume from 450 to 2200 calls, while strongly increasing average revenue per call. McQueen will discuss what worked and what didn’t during this turbulent time, including the launch of both his low-cost and high-cost cremation businesses.

The two day conference will address diverse topics including how to

  • launch a cremation brand inexpensively,
  • avoid funeral home cannibalizing,
  • master the most effective advertising spaces,
  • leverage third party technology tools that are easy, powerful and cheap, and
  • improve your website’s advertising support and lead generation.

Hosted happy hours and a tour of Anderson McQueen’s Cremation Tribute Center are also included. Full details can be found on The conference starts Sunday evening, September 19, and continues the next two days at the Gatsby era Don CeSar Hotel on St. Pete Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Funeral Results Marketing (FRM) is the first digital marketing agency dedicated solely to the funeral industry. FRM helps deathcare businesses better position themselves for the new internet era with ROI-anchored marketing. Specialties include web-based marketing, internet advertising, cremation arrangement websites, funeral home websites, search engine optimization, and Public Relations strategies.