North American Funeral Homes Can Take Advantage of Free Case Management Tools to Continue Serving Client Families While Protecting Themselves.


Due to the COVID-19 national emergency, CRäKN has announced it will eliminate case fees for its case management tool to help funeral professionals continue to serve client families while protecting themselves.

The offer is for funeral homes and cemeteries across North America.

“We know that funeral professionals are facing one of the greatest challenges in their careers. We have an unprecedented pandemic and great uncertainty, and we want to help,” said CRäKN CEO/Founder Scott Mindrum.

“As a result, we will offer this emergency support for the duration of our COVID-19 national emergency. This means that you and your team can protect your client families and yourselves without losing a step in your collaboration, coordination or communication.”

CRäKN’s offer includes use of the digital, real-time whiteboard; the dashboard; scheduler and calendar; state and local forms; reports and data; and automation for funeral director’s duplicate, manual and administrative tasks.

Funeral directors can use these tools remotely—from the safety of their own home—by phone, tablet or computer. As always, CRäKN’s efficiency tools are mobile and can be used on any device, said Mindrum.

“This emergency support is available to firms regardless of whether they serve one family or 1,000 families, or if they have two employees or 200 employees,” added Mindrum. “We’re anticipating a large response.”

Funeral homes that sign up for the offer will only have to pay a deeply discounted, one-time onboarding fee of $295. They will have unlimited access to the features of the case management tool.

Funeral homes located in North America interested in taking advantage of the offer can call 844-382-7256 or visit to sign up immediately.


About CRäKN
CRäKN is a cloud-based solution that provides efficiency tools and an up-to-date, real-time, digital whiteboard. Much more than a case management tool, CRäKN allows you to access and update all your important information—anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Stay safe and secure and easily collaborate and communicate through CRäKN! To learn more, call 844-382-7256 or visit