W.L. Smith & Associates Limited, the largest Funeral Stationery manufacturer in Canada has once again raised the bar by introducing “The New Luxury”. Hand crafted from premium imported fine materials, this line of Memorial Record Books is unmatched in Funeral Service. Geoffrey Quinton, Chief Executive Officer of the company spoke about his desire to offer today’s forward thinking funeral professionals something different to present to their families.

Geoffrey and Courtney Quinton

Geoffrey and Courtney Quinton

“We have always been recognized as a leader in funeral stationery in North America, driving the profession with ideas that work while respecting the proud tradition of Funeral Service. Our loyal customer base has responded very strongly to the beauty that is The New Luxury. It sets a new standard and really is a piece of art that families can cherish. The interiors are fully customizable to make each book a piece of family history.

While we love to create new and innovative products for our valued clients, what makes this work the most rewarding is how it allows my wife Courtney and I to continue to support the WLSA Children’s Fund. The W.L. Smith & Associates Children’s Fund® was created with an emphasis on helping the most vulnerable of children in need.

We have supported initiatives here in Canada since the Fund was created. However perhaps the most tangible results have been seen in other less developed countries. The El Hogar Orphange in Honduras for example, and more recently the W.L. Smith & Associates Children’s Fund®,, will be supporting Save the Mothers, Innovative Leadership for Maternal and Child Health.

When Save the Mothers was brought to us, it was something we felt deserved funding. Save the Mothers trains local leaders in the developing world to reduce maternal mortality within their own countries, because no mother or child should die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. A portion of all of our sales are directed to the W.L. Smith & Associates Children’s Fund® so that we may support children exactly like these. I am confident our valued customer base will agree and extend us their fullest support in this endeavor.

For more information on the specifics of the Children’s Fund® please email us at [email protected] For more information on Save the Mothers please visit www.savethemothers.org.

By continually introducing new products like The New Luxury not only do we lead for the good of funeral service, but we are able to help those in need around the world. It is not only good for business, but it is good for humanity. It is just one small way we can give back.”

W.L. Smith & Associates Limited is the largest manufacturer of funeral stationery in Canada. They are continually striving to provide products of the highest quality and service second to none. They have been in business since 1948 working closely with today’s forward thinking Funeral Professionals for the advancement of Funeral Service everywhere. FBA