Who is The Domani Group and what product and/or service do they provide?

The Domani Group provides best-in-class business solutions for funeral homes. From award-winning aftercare to online review generation and reputation management, to preneed appointment setting and state-of-the-art CRM solutions for growing funeral homes. Funeral homes across the country trust Domani to help them operate more efficiently.

How did The Domani Group get involved in the funeral industry?

The Domani founders and several team members have a background in preneed, and from that experience, gained a passion for funeral service and, in turn, the importance of aftercare. That passion, combined with a desire to innovate and progress, led to Domanicare, the funeral profession’s first aftercare text message program.

What makes The Domani Group unique?

Domani is different because of its desire to innovate and improve continually. Domanicare was the profession’s first text message-based aftercare program. They are constantly releasing updates and upgrades to their programs so that funeral homes can rest assured, knowing that they are getting the absolute best of the best.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using The Domani Group?

When it comes to aftercare, the benefit of using Domani is that your aftercare program is now a well-oiled machine. Their turnkey solution runs in the background allowing you and your staff to focus your time on at-need families. Every message is sent and responded to by a highly-trained Domani responder, so each and every interaction is authentic and human. Domani and escalates any questions or concerns from families right away so you can rest assured knowing nothing, and no one is slipping through the cracks.

As part of the aftercare program, Domani generates Google Reviews, which allows your funeral home to stand out from your competition online and win more at-need business. Over 93% of consumers read online reviews when looking to work with a company, and it’s no different when it comes to funerals. Online reputation is a large blind spot for many funeral homes. The average funeral home in the US only has 6.1 reviews and 3.6 stars. Contrast this with the average Domani funeral home, which boasts 25.4 5-star reviews. Those numbers make a big difference when someone starts their funeral home search by Googling, “funeral home near me.”

How does The Domani Group provide a solution for funeral homes?

Domani recognizes that the priority of every funeral director is and should be at-need families. However, because at-need families are the priority, it doesn’t mean that aftercare families should be forgotten. That’s where Domanicare comes in. Their turnkey solution gives funeral homes a dedicated aftercare team. This benefits your staff by allowing them to focus on at-need families while Domani focuses on the aftercare families.

How would a funeral home contact The Domani Group for more information on your products?

To learn more about Domani and their suite of solutions for funeral homes, visit thedomanigroup.com. You can schedule a demo right from the website or chat your questions to a Domani representative. You may also call their Utah office at 801-655-5039.