Company Spotlight: Thacker Caskets


Who is Thacker Caskets and what product and service do they provide?
Thacker Caskets is the largest family owned and operated casket supplier in the United States. Providing American Made caskets, cremation products, technology solutions and consultative and marketing services, Thacker has been servicing funeral homes for over 75 years.


How did Thacker Caskets get involved in the funeral industry?
Originally known as Old Dominion Casket Company in 1939, Thacker Caskets was founded by Carl C. Thacker. After serving in the military, Carl established roots in Washington D.C. Having known many friends within the funeral industry, Carl felt confident he could succeed as a jobber and opened Old Dominion Casket Company to service funeral homes in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas.

In the 1970’s Old Dominion Casket was sold to an individual who owned multiple funeral homes but shortly after, Carl regained control and renamed the company to Thacker Caskets. After rebranding, the company saw significant growth and has today become the third leading casket company in the United States with three generations actively involved.

What makes Thacker Caskets unique?
In an industry where corporate supply companies cloud the market, Thacker Caskets remains family owned and operated. Because the success of Thacker hinges upon the satisfaction and success of their funeral home customers, Thacker remains dedicated to providing a quality product with exceptional service. Each family member commits to creating a personalized experience by providing their personal cell phone numbers and frequently visiting funeral homes to better understand their needs.

Manufacturing all of their metal caskets in the United States, Thacker provides the option for consumers to build one of a kind custom caskets. This convenience also allows Thacker the freedom to develop new products and adapt their product line to accommodate the ever-changing consumer preference.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using Thacker Caskets?
Being family owned and operated, Thacker Caskets genuinely understands the challenges that business owners face. This unique perspective developed the business philosophies that Thacker practices when servicing funeral homes, which includes commitment to providing the most comprehensive services and products available. Thacker’s expert consultants are trained to comprehend every aspect of a funeral home’s business, from competitive market challenges to showroom merchandising solutions. With each funeral home’s best interest in account, Thacker provides around the clock service to assure that each business is thriving and the families they service are completely satisfied.

How does Thacker Caskets provide a solution for funeral homes?
Thacker provides funeral homes with complete business solutions from innovative products and technology resources to custom marketing materials and consultative analysis.

As industry preferences change, Thacker is continually dedicated to providing funeral homes with products and solutions to adapt. Thacker Cremation’s flag ship product is the Remembrance Line, a comprehensive line of metal rental ceremonial caskets. In an effort to supply homes with a full range of cremation products Thacker also provides engraved urns and keepsakes, cremation boxes, deluxe cremation boxes, rental casket inserts and more!

Thacker Consulting provides funeral homes with strategic business plans and merchandising solutions specific to the funeral home. Thacker’s team of experienced consultants provide training to increase profitability and help funeral homes achieve their business goals.

iArrange by Thacker Caskets is a revolutionary digital showroom interface that allows funeral homes to create multiple customized showrooms to increase product offerings and better serve families. iArrange’s unique visual tools, including 360 degree views and panel design drop-in, make for an enhanced user experience that physical showrooms do not offer. Not only does iArrange provide funeral homes with built in merchandising tools to increase profits but it allows homes to monitor key business insights, online order, and digitally display both caskets and urns on the go.

Thacker Creative provides funeral homes with custom marketing materials to enhance exposure, develop a cohesive brand message and promote funeral home merchandise.

Specializing in the creation of custom catalogs, these provide homes a comprehensive tool to outline all service and merchandise offerings within their general pricelist while exposing their brand.

Thacker Caskets continually improves and develops new products and programs in order to provide funeral homes with the most current and innovative solutions.

How would a funeral home contact Thacker Caskets for more information on their products?
For more information on products and services Thacker Caskets offers, please contact 1.800.637.8891, visit or contact them at [email protected]


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