Who is S&S/Superior Coach Company and what products do you provide?

S&S and Superior are two of the oldest and most respected professional vehicle nameplates in the industry. Combined, S&S and Superior has built more hearses and funeral limousines than all other coach companies combined. Both S&S and Superior has earned a reputation with leading funeral directors for building the highest quality, most stylish, reliable and innovative funeral coaches and limousines available.

How did S&S/Superior Coach Company get involved in the funeral industry?

S&S was founded in 1876 as the Sayers and Scovill Company by William Sayers and A. R. Scovill. The funeral coach business was thriving at the turn of the 20th century, and sharp competition helped create the superlative standards of craftsmanship and design which remain an S&S tradition. Today, The S&S Coach Company is still recognized as the leader in professional car design and quality. A legacy that has been built on unrelenting excellence.

Established in 1923, Superior Motor Coach Body Company setup operations in Lima, Ohio where the company still resides today. With 95 years in the funeral coach business, Superior has made significant contributions to the advancement of the modern hearse. More Superior funeral vehicles are in service than any other brand. Today, Superior Coaches is recognized as the leader in traditional styling in its design and manufacture of funeral coaches and limousines.

What makes S&S/Superior Coach Company unique?

The prestige of a reputation for good taste is indeed a valuable asset to the funeral service professional. Having an S&S or Superior presenting your name before the people of your community is truly a proud and gratifying experience. An S&S or Superior is not just another Cadillac, it is an investment that will pay returns for years to come.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using S&S/Superior Coach Company vehicles?

There are several benefits of owning and operating an S&S/Superior coach and limousine. Pride of Ownership: S&S/Superior professional vehicles have for years been the preferred choice of leading funeral directors for years. The superlative craftsmanship of an S&S/Superior coachwork is evident in every detail of these thoroughly modern professional cars. These are vehicles you will be proud to own, vehicles that are in the best of taste and reflect positively on the dignity and excellence of the service you render.

Peace of Mind: S&S/Superior vehicles are designed with the utmost quality so they perform when they are needed. In the unlikely event your S&S/Superior needs service, you have the commitment and experience from the industry’s oldest and largest builder to make things right.

How does S&S/Superior Coach Company provide a solution for Funeral Homes?

Whether you need a funeral coach for a traditional casketed service or to transport an urn with dignity, S&S/Superior coaches offer funeral directors a wide selection of distinctive professional cars to meet your unique needs. For model year 2018, S&S and Superior has totally redesigned their product line based on the all new, 2018 Cadillac XTS. S&S has 3 new coach models the Victoria, Park Hill and Medalist. Superior also has 3 coach models for 2018; the top of the line, Crown Sovereign, followed by the Sovereign and then the Statesman. Both S&S and Superior will have 3 limousine models that meet the unique needs of individual funeral and livery professionals. Customers may select a 70” or 52” stretch with a 7” extended rear door and a raised roof, or a 47” stretch with a standard or raised roof – each of these selections provide unsurpassed comfort and maximum versatility.

How would a funeral home contact S&S/Superior Coach Company for more information on your products?

For more information, please visit the S&S/Superior website at www.ss-superior.com or call Mike McKiernan or Joe Bunn at 419-222-1501. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have. FBA

2018 Superior Crown Sovereign

2018 Superior 52” Presidential Roof six-door limousine