Company Spotlight: Sich Caskets

Who is Sich Casket and what product and services do they provide?
Sich Casket Company is the top-selling manufacturer of premium quality wood and metal caskets to the USA from China. In just ten years the company has grown from a small family-run furniture factory to a significant international manufacturer of wood and metal caskets.

How did Sich Casket get involved in the funeral industry?
In 2003, company founder Mr. Sirius Chan returned to China after college studies in Canada and several years in the Canadian furniture and electronics industries. He planned to reinvigorate his family’s furniture factory.

It was at this time that Sirius heard of an American buyer who wanted to source premium caskets in China. After researching the North American funeral industry, Sirius decided that Sich would change its core product to high quality wood caskets. In 2004 Sich introduced the first line of all-wood caskets to be made in China and a few years later, Sich expanded its factory and began producing a comprehensive line of metal caskets.

OWNER: Sirius Chan

Sirius Chan

What makes a Sich Casket special?
Sich Casket combines the Chan family’s enduring commitment to traditional craftsmanship with innovative management, production and distribution methods. Its automated warehouse system uses a computerized barcode tracking system that improves inventory control, reduces product damage from handling and holds as many as 3000 units of inventory. The company sources its materials globally to provide the best quality and value at every price point.

Sirius frequently visits his many customers across the United States and Canada to keep up on trends and what funeral directors need. That’s how Sich helps funeral homes provide affordable caskets of top quality and refinement to their families while providing them with a better bottom line.

What are the benefits to funeral homes using Sich Casket?
Today’s consumers are re-evaluating the value and cost of traditional funerals, and one of the most expensive funeral items is the casket. The modern casket is part of a 150-year-old funeral tradition, but if consumers can’t find good value, they may opt for alternative choices including cremation.

Many consumers are interested in paying less for a casket but only if quality isn’t sacrificed. Funeral homes therefore have to rethink the casket-buying process and find smarter, more affordable casket options that can satisfy the public’s demand for choice and value.
What solution does Sich Casket provide for funeral homes?
For those who want a casketed funeral, price is a more significant issue than ever before, as the entire value of the funeral is being reevaluated. At the same time, this generation of Baby Boomers and Gen X buyers wants new styles and features that express the personality of their late loved ones.

Smart funeral professionals understand that the future of casket sales lays in their willingness to accept and adapt to change. That’s why Sich offers more than 250 models and styles of quality solid hardwood, wood veneer and metal caskets at a variety of price points, all of which offer exceptional value compared with the major US brands.

Sich Caskets are sold through a network of carefully selected distributors located throughout North America. That means funeral homes can select the Sich caskets that best fit their needs and order as many or as few items as required. There’s no need to order a container load from China to benefit from Sich’s value and quality. Also, as an additional measure of security for their clients, each product is covered by a $5 million product liability insurance policy from one of the most renowned insurance companies in the USA, an exclusive feature of Sich Caskets.

How would a funeral home contact Sich Casket for more information on its products?
For more information, please visit, email [email protected] or call (888) 317-1929. FBA

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